Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back From China

Some of you know that Biker Boy went to China for a week.  Traveling far is not his favorite thing, but he said it was beneficial that he went for business.  I will say....he looked awful when we first got to talk to him after he arrived. He's looking much better now.
Biker Boy flew to LA and then to Hong Kong.  He took a ferry to Shenzhen, dropped some things at his hotel there, got on another plane and arrived in Fuzhou at 1am China time.  The poor guy traveled a lot.  He had wireless capabilities in Shenzhen so we were able to Skype with him twice a day.  He would call when we got up in the morning and he was headed to bed.  Then he would call when he was up in the morning and we were eating dinner.  The kids were fascinated by the 14 hour difference. 

Biker Boy was busy, busy, busy most of the time.  He was able to take some pictures with the ipod and did have a few hours in which to visit a tourist attraction.  He also was able to buy a whole lot of Chinese food that he brought back.  I'll have to do a whole separate post on that. 

So for the benefit of's some straight out of the ipod pictures of Biker Boy's trip.  Won't you come along to China with him?

Biker Boy flew into Hong Kong.  He was able to see some of it through the smog (I thought it was fog at first).  Biker Boy did say he was very grateful to come home to clean air and so thankful to be able to exercise outside without his lungs feeling yucky.  I'm paraphrasing here.  I don't think Biker Boy said "yucky," but that's what he meant.  And yes, there is a 7 eleven in the airport.  And Biker Boy said KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) was everywhere.

Then he made it to Shenzhen.  Thanks to the family members who got us the ipod!  He said that was the only way he was able to make contact with the person who was to pick him up since he couldn't get the business phone to work.  Then they made the trip to Fuzhou.

Here's some pictures of Fuzhou.  Gotta love all the bikes.

Here's some pictures from Biker Boy's hotel room back in Shenzhen. (The Westin!)  Quite the view, huh?

Biker Boy utilized the pool a few times for exercise and swam laps in it.  He said it was 25 yards or more, but you had to make a turn in it.  Plus, he was always the only one in it.  Yet, it wasn't the best breathing conditions.  And he didn't pack his inhaler, but he survived. a few pictures of Shenzhen.

Now...the pictures the kids were fascinated with.  Biker Boy emailed some home to us of.....The Food.  Biker Boy got some pictures of food he ate, but not all.  He didn't want to be taking pictures of food all the time.  Like the frog.  He ate frog.  He also ate a whole bunch of stuff that he had no idea what it was.  Sometimes it's better not to know.  Case in point....the moon cakes he brought home as a gift from a vendor.  Yep...I wikipediaed that one after we ate one.  Lotus seed paste and salted duck egg yokes.  Hmmm....never would have guessed egg yolk.  We thought it was sweet potato or apricot.  More on that later.  The manufacturing guy that Biker Boy was visiting said that the Chinese like to see the food that they are eating.  So they picked their seafood out of tanks and then were served the whole thing.  Biker Boy ate a lot of seafood.  Let's get on with the photos.

Biker Boy went to Window of the World, which was across the street from his hotel. It has miniature replicas of famous places around the world. See if you can guess what a few of these are.

They also had an indoor ice skating rink and ski hill.  Biker Boy said the poster for it was hilarious.  It's a photo of the indoor ski hill with obvious photoshopped skiers on the hill.  He said a lot of the people looked American on the poster.  And the guy on the far left is sunburned.  How did he get sunburned indoors?  By the was hot and humid outdoors.

Here's a few parting shots Biker Boy took on his way back into Hong Kong.  Biker Boy brought us back a photo book he bought of Hong Kong.  It is beautiful when there isn't the smog blocking your view.

The kids and I are really happy to have Biker Boy home.  Of course, he missed his connection in LA to get home because of all the added security he had to go through.  (He flew on 9/10).  We are now sampling lots of different things he brought home.  I'll have to get some pictures of them.  The kids and I love the Chinese gum, such yummy flavors.  I'm of course ecstatic to have some more green tea.  Some of the other things he brought home...well, we all have differing opinions on it.

So...any favorite Chinese foods?  Favorite travels?  Tourist attractions you've visited?  International travel tips? 

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