Monday, September 5, 2011

Bicycle Cassette Pendant

Hello people!  I hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend.  I worked on a little something.

Since I'm married to Biker Boy it would seem that we have a lot of spare bicycle parts lying around. 

Yep.  Didn't occur to me until just recently to ask Biker Boy for some of those parts he was just going to recycle.

I thought I could recycle them.  Into something.  Some thing?  Something. 

My first attempt is a 3 cassette pendant to cover a light. 

I sat myself down at the coffee table late one night and laid out all the parts. 

  • 3 cassettes of varying sizes (already had)
  • Fish line (already had)
  • Jewelry wire (already had)
  • Christmas ornaments (already had)
  • White and blue beads ($6)
Total Cost: $6, plus stuff I already had.

Oh....and it helps to have a Fancy Nancy book laying around for inspiration on pretty things.

So I strung up the cassettes with three pieces of long fishing line.  I did clean the grease off of them first.  It was a wee bit tough to get everything straight.  I had to woman handle the stuff a few times to make everything look even.

I strung beads on the 2 smaller cassettes.  Then I strung some Christmas ornaments (from after Christmas clearance at Hobby Lobby a few years back) on the larger cassette. 

I put some jewelry wire through the top cassette to "wire" it to the poor sad light fixture we have in our closet.

Now our master closet is part closet and part storage room....cause we don't have a basement.  And we park our cars in the garage.  Now our light in the closet is sad.  It's a recessed light and for some reason we took off the light cover.  I think to get more light.  Our closet is the dark pit of the house without any natural light.  So other than Biker Boy....not many people will see the new fancy pendant with their own eyes.  And pictures don't do it justice.  Or maybe I'm just saying that.  It looks fine.  Better than before anyway. looks better in real life.  Not tilted like in my photo.  Whoops, I apparently have a hard time holding a camera while standing on a ladder.

It looks cool from the bottom.  In the dark.  Or the light of a light bulb.

And the light of a flash.  In the dark.

It brings a little bling to that sad little jagged hole in the ceiling of the closet.  And I've seriously got to clean up the rest of my closet now.  Maybe this will motivate me.  Just picture a mess and that's my closet.

By the favorite light in the closet and bathroom area is still my retro fitted capiz pendant.  Makes me want to go take a bath.

Now I've got some plans for those bicycle chains.  I just have to find time and motivation. 

Have you recycled parts from something into some thing else?  What was it and what did it become?

I'm linking this post to Today's Creative Blog where you can go and see everyone else's fantastic creations.

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