Thursday, September 15, 2011


My youngest baby started preschool last week.

Today is really my first day at home without her.  I've been busy going to appointments most of the other days....kidless. 

I grocery shopped for the first time without kids this week.  It was eerily quiet.  I didn't have to tell anyone to stop touching stuff or to stay in the cart.  No one begged me to drive the cart with the car attached to it.  No one begged me to pick out the fruit.  It was quiet.  I almost wanted to talk to myself. 

I guess now I have to motivate myself to get things done in my quiet house.  Graduate credits to register for to keep up my teaching license.  Write?  Finish cleaning my closet.  Tackle my messy laundry room.  Exercise.  Finally paint more rooms.  Back up the computer.  Instead I'm writing this quick while I wait for pumpkin pie to come out of the oven. 

Oh...Chewy picked to have homemade pizza and ice cream cones for her "first day of school food." Chewy helped me make the whole wheat dough and then we each topped our own section of pizza.  My kids make homemade pizza a little different than most.  No sauce.  No cheese.  They use olive oil, garlic, artichokes, and sweet peppers.  Scooter also used a little spinach on his section.  The sections with cheese would be the adult sections. I like my cheese. 

How do you celebrate the first day back to school?  And what do you do when you have no kids at home during the day? 

This will give the grandparents a kick...I told Biker Boy having both kids in school "almost made me want to have another."  Put a big emphasis on the ALMOST

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