Thursday, September 1, 2011


Ever try something that you think is just temporary and then it lasts a long time?

I seem to do that a lot.  Like with my shower curtain.

We have a rug in our living room that was from our previous home in town.  It's got darker colors in it and well, we like lighter more natural colors.  At least I do. 

So one day whilst shopping at one of my favorite stores (Costco) I happened upon two blue fleece blankets on clearance for $9.  That got me to thinking....maybe 2 of them would cover the rug.  Just maybe. And if not....I love fleece.  The kids love fleece.  The dog loves fleece.  We would just wrap ourselves silly in those blankets. 

Maybe I should mention that Biker Boy had already bought me a white and blue one of those fleece blankets (at full price) because he knows how much the kiddos and I love to wrap up in them when it's cool.  Yep.  Fleece + Me = Craziness.  I dislike socks, but I love me some fleecy socks!

I got home and spread those blankets out....and lo and behold....cue the chorus....they fit over my old rug. 

That old rug under the blankets keeps them from slipping and sliding.  And wouldn't you know...the other blankets get used as sleds.  The kids take turns sitting on the free blankets and pulling each other around on the tile floor.  It's real fun, you should try it sometime.  Come on over and we'll give you a ride.

We did this little experiment way back in June and it's stuck. 

It's so plush to lay on and play on.  Plush.  That's just fun to say.  Oh...lookie....Scooter still has a cast on in the picture below and above.  That's in June.  That's the first day we put the "rug" down and everyone wanted their turn on it.

I tuck the blankets under the legs of our coffee table and couches so they don't move too much.

Sure, they get messed up when we play on them, but it's not much to just push them back together.

Sure, they get dirty and then I just throw them in the wash.  Easy peazy. 

Sure, someday I'd like a new huge rug.  Maybe something in light yellow and white. Or gray.  Or a blue and white striped one.  Or a natural jute one.  But until I become decisive....the fleece stays. 

It's just nice and plushy and fun to lay on.  And did I mention the dog likes fleece?

So....what temporary thing has lasted a long time in your house?

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