Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bubble Blowing

We have a thing with bubbles lately.  Do you like bubbles?  I like bubbles.  They're fun.  And messy.  But a clean messy.

We made homemade bubbles this summer and this past weekend we made bubble bread.

Bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles.  Half of the letters in bubble are b's.  I'm so full of knowledge to pass on. *snort*

Oh yeah....we blew bubbles again this past weekend.  Except they were the store bought kind.  I didn't even realize we had any left till the kids found some hidden on a shelf in the garage.  Then we blew bubbles.

After I had my turn blowing bubbles, the kids got to it.  I ran to get my new camera to capture their fun.  I also captured some "portraits."  I have to remember not to tell my kids to look at me and smile.  Some of the best photos are when I don't do that. long do I get to call my new camera a "new camera?"

Note to grandparents:  I downsized these photos and will probably continue to do so on this blog to load faster.  If you want any of the originals....let me know.  I'll have to get together a big file of photos that I can upload for you to download sometime. 

Let the bubble blowing begin.

Camera details (these are more for my benefit as I learn): ISO 200, Shutter 1/200, F5-5.6, Nikon D3100 with 55-200mm lens, white balance at shade setting.  Dynamic focusing.  Average metering.

This was in my post yesterday.  I just love it.

My little Chewy.

I didn't realize I had caught a bubble bursting until I uploaded my photos.  Cool.

She works so hard to get bubbles blown.

My little dude and his forced smile.

I have about 20 shots of them giggling and playing together. I love Chewy's face in this one.  When she tries really hard...she doesn't get any bubbles.

They are too funny together.  Most of the time.  Sometimes they aren't. 

I love the line of bubbles and the one popping.  Don't worry Grandpa Doc...after seeing his hair like this...he got it cut.

My boy.  I love him.

Funny smile, but totally awesome background.  Can you say "bokeh?!"  Love it!

Can I put any more photos in?  (Yes, I probably could.  But I restrained myself.)  My name is Chrissy and I like taking pictures.  There....I said it.  

Any "good" addictions in your life?  I'm off to play with my camera again if the weather holds out.  Big clouds are building up....snow anyone?  I think I'll bribe Chewy with some Skittles I got for trick or treaters.  Have an awesome day! 

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