Friday, October 14, 2011

Finding Photography Models

The kids and I went outside to play in the nice weather yesterday after school.  After the homework. I brought my camera out so that I could play practice with doing my own manual settings. I also played basketball with my little ones after the photos.  I had to show my kids my superior skills.  *cough, cough, hack*  Yep, my son beat me playing "dog."  Really?  I wasn't even trying to lose.  He didn't get his basketball skills from me.  Obviously.

I wanted semi-still models to photograph yesterday.  That's a little hard when you have one kid shooting basketballs and the other scooting around on her pedal less two-wheeled bike.

So I turned to the dog.  He was sitting in the driveway, just in the shade, and trying to avoid being hit with a ball or a bike.  Perfect.

Now...that I'm a newbie photo taker...I like when super good photographers tell their settings.  I'm not a super good photographer, so I'll tell my settings so someone can correct me.

I used my 55-200mm lens and was shooting mostly around 118mm.  The distance varied though.  I have got to take notes.  I used that nifty lens hood that it came with to stop the sun glare.  I sound so professional...don't I?

ISO 100 (it was super sunny)
Shutter Speed 1/160 (I was also shooting the moving kids and the dog moved some)
Aperture F 5.0 to 8.0 (you'll be able to tell in the photos where the aperture was a higher number, the background is less blurry)
Auto white balance (I forgot to play with that one)
Light metering (wish I could remember...I played with that one on the dog...I really have got to make notes)
Focus (I used one focus point that I manually selected and then the camera auto focused, whatever that setting is called.  I did try the dynamic focusing with Scooter where the camera follows the subject you focused on....jury is still out on that one.)

I was mostly working on my focus points.  I wanted to get sharp eyes in the dog.  Wanna see?

I also did a little editing.  If I remember what it is, I'll put it under the photo. Any actions that I used were free from The Pioneer Woman and MCP Actions.

I added a texture to the background with MCP texture action, Bring out the Eyes PW action, and sharpened some of the hair.

My Favorite.  I brought out the eyes and sharpened some hair.  I also used MCP Mini Fusion.

Fresh Color and Edge Burn by PW.  Smaller aperture size on this photo (F8)

Bring out the Eyes by PW.  Sharpened his name on the collar.  I like this one too.

Lovely action by PW

Do you have a favorite Ranger photo?  I think right now I'd have to pick the second one. Biker Boy's comment:  "Ranger looks dirty."  Nice.  I guess he did have the yucky eye boogie thing going on.  I hadn't cleaned his eyes up.  Poor little pink nosed white doggie.

Okay...really I have kids.  I'll appease the grandparents and put in a photo of each kid that I took yesterday.  Scooter was trying to convince me to blow up another basketball in his photo.  Chewy was taking a bike break and was sitting on the edge of the concrete pad burying a rock in the gravel part of the driveway.  I love my kiddos.

Didn't do much to this except darken the background using levels.  Scooter was standing in front of the open garage.

PW Lovely action and then tweaked MCP Mini Fusion with a pink overlay.  It was subtle.

Now, I tried to save these photos in Elements for use on the web.  But it wouldn't let me.  It said my files were too big and it would have trouble.  I know you're suppose to downsize your photos for use on the web to help with site speed and what not...but for the life of me I haven't figured it out yet.  Any suggestions?

What are you up to this weekend?  I'll be playing with my camera and family, but I bet you could have guessed that.  Right after a girl's night out tonight!  Woo Hoo!

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