Thursday, October 6, 2011

IKEA Ektorp Comments and Reviews From Visitors

It seems a lot of people are interested in the IKEA Ektorp line.  Since I have a few posts about my Ektorp pieces, I’ve decided to compile everyone’s comments into one section to make it easier for everyone to find out what others think of this line.

All these comments come from my previous posts about Ektorp pieces:
White Sofas and Children: IKEA Ektorp Sofa Review
Ikea Ektorp Wash and Review
Another Ektorp Review: Tullsta Chair 
IKEA Ektorp Review Continued: 2 Years Later

Feel free to keep commenting on any of those posts and I’ll eventually paste them here.  Remember….I’ll take the good and the bad, the pretty and the ugly, the glorious and the horrendous.  Basically your honest and truthful feelings about Ektorp.  These posts are in no way sponsored by IKEA.  I’m not paid or perked to do this.  I just want to make it easier for others to find out about what they may be purchasing.  So please comment away and read away!  Thanks!

For ease of reading, I may have condensed some of the comments (getting rid of names and personal info).  I’ve also put my comments in blue.

From White Sofas and Children: IKEA Ektorp Sofa Review:
Just wanted to say thank you for posting this information -- and pics! I'm trying to convince my husband to go white covers on this particular sofa line. I really love it. Anyway, thanks again! Your home looks beautiful!

Its funny cus I was just googing white ikea sofa and washable slipcovers and it brought me to you!
I want a couch real bad!! I'm going for white on white in my living room and Im excited about eventually getting a white couch with washable slipcovers from Ikea!

So glad you both stopped by! I'm not at all disappointed in my white Ektorp couches. I still love them! It does help to have a second set of covers. I take the "old" ones off and put the new ones on and then I can just wash the "old" ones when I have time. Let me know if you get some and what you think of them!

Love your post, lots of honest humour and helpful information. I found your blog while looking for a review of the comfort of the Tullsta chairs. But you don't really mention them much. Now that you have had them a while, what's your opinion of them, comfort wise, or do you not use them much yourself? Thanks.

Thanks for stopping by! The Tullsta chairs aren't our everyday chairs, so they don't get as much use as the couches. They are comfortable, just not something you can curl up into. The couches have more of a backrest and more "squish", for lack of a better word. These chairs are more on the firm side with a lower backrest. We do sit in the chairs from time to time and pull them into our couch sitting area when we have guests. They're comfortable enough to sit in while watching a movie, but more difficult to pull your legs up and lounge in them. Our cat seems to love the chairs! I love how they look and how easy they are to clean. I'm not at all disappointed I got them. They're smaller than the Ektorp chair to fit in smaller areas, which was what I needed. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

I just found this when looking for reviews of the furniture. I would LOVE to hear what you think about them 10 months later. If you wouldn't mind stopping by my blog and letting me know, I would greatly appreciate it. :) We are looking at picking up the sofa and two chairs this weekend.

Oh... I just noticed that you left another postitive comment a few weeks ago. Good.. I'm a little nervous with two kids, two cats, and one dog. You mention squishy. Too squishy or good squishy? Thanks!! :)

Thank you so much for getting back to me. We are picking up the sofa and two chairs (different chairs than the ones you have) tomorrow. Very excited.

Sooooo.... Close to a year later, how do you like the couches? I am considering them for my basement playroom which doesn't get used a ton but may as my kids get older and want to watch movies down there, etc.

A year later....I am still in love with my Ektorp couches! They are comfy and still in great shape (even with kids jumping on them and a dog sleeping on them). Biker Boy and I were just talking recently that this was purchase that I don't have any buyer's remorse or regret over (cause that happens to me a lot). All I can say is "I love my couches."

Oh my gosh. I just found an Ektorp sofa on CL today that we will hopefully be picking up tomorrow. I've been lusting after this line for so long...your post makes me even more excited to get it.
And since I'm getting it at a bargain price, I will be able to get whichever slipcover I want--yay for customization! Though I might just stick with the white--so cozy looking...

How Exciting! Have fun picking up your new-to-you couch! Slipcovers are such a great option to change up your couch. Maybe in a few years I'll go for something different! I love hearing about everyone's Ektorp couch excitement (and non-excitement). Keep it coming!

Love your post! we are going to buy the Ektorp loveseat this weekend... soooo excited.. and great to see your feedback a year later and how you still love them. We already have a white sofa which i put a blanket on, so i'm not sure about getting another white sofa hmmmm... but i like how you can clean it more easily with bleach/vinegar. i was going to go with the green one, but might change my mind to the white one. i just don't want to put a blanket on the Ektorp.. oooh decisions decisions lol!

thanks for stopping by! Have fun getting your new loveseat and picking out a slipcover. I've actually gotten more brave and keep the blankets off the couches more. I only throw it on the loveseat at night for the dog to sleep on and throw it on the big one when it's muddy or yucky outside (like the 14 inches of snow we have now!) Good luck with your decision and have fun shopping at IKEA!

Hi! I too am considering this couch because of the slipcovers. Tell me, though, are they easy to install? And how many pieces are there? Are there separate cushion covers?

There is one big base cover for the couch and separate covers for each cushion. So on the large sofa...there is a total of 7 pieces. Each piece fits pretty tight. I get warm putting them on! It takes some shaking and pushing to get the cushion covers on. It also takes going back and forth between each side to get the whole couch cover (base) on. It's not too difficult, but I also wouldn't want the slipcovers to be too loose. So it's worth a little effort to get them on. Ask if you can try it out at a store if you're concerned about how they go on. Hope all goes well with your couch shopping!

Wow, I love this review. My hubs and I got the chair and ottoman and I LOVE it. It doesn't get much use but I am dying to get more pieces. Like the couch or sofa bed loveseat. Are you still loving it?

I still love my Ektorp pieces to bits. I don't regret purchasing them at all.

I still somewhat love my Ektorp sofa. We've had ours for 3 years though, and the cushions are definitely nowhere near close to the perfect firmness that they used to be. In fact, the only flaw I see with these Ikea couches is that they don't sell the cushions separately. It's feels like such a waste to have to replace the whole frame/couch, just because of that. Otherwise the slipcovers on that couch rock.
Thank you so much for the great feedback on the couch...i really want to purchase a white couch. can you tell me how you wash them... do you use any specific temperature or detergent. thanks so much

Thanks for stopping by. I did a review of washing the couches here:
I have been using All Free and Clear with the added oxi-clean or I use powdered Tide and add some oxi-clean. I spray any stains before putting the slipcovers in the wash with a liquid stain remover (Oxi-clean, dreft, or resolve). I wash on hot and I air dry the slipcovers. It works for me. Good luck!

Thank you so very much for your super quick response. Now all i need is a trip to Ikea!!!

Have a great trip to IKEA! I wish I lived near one...though I would probably go a little too often!

Is it possible to get the name of the store where you got your old couches? I really like the style of them. I love couches with one cushion. :) Thanks for posting. :)

Thanks for stopping by. I'm sorry, but I have no idea what store the old couches came from. They were hand me downs from my husband's grandma. All I know is that they were purchased in Minnesota somewhere. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

I am so glad that I found your blog! I have been looking to get a new couch in this exact style, and at a reasonable price, and when I found the Ektorp series from Ikea I thought it would be perfect, but I have been concerned about the quality, as opposed to paying 3x more on another Ashley sofa.

Thank you SO very much for posting this!!! As you can see from my recent post (, I'm in the midst of the white slip covered sofa debate and we're planning a big Ikea trip tomorrow, so I'm furiously looking for all input from others who've gone before. So glad to hear it's possible!!! Thanks so very much :)

Thanks for stopping by! I didn't regret white and if you're pretty set on it, you won't regret it either. It seems crazy to get white sofas, but I am so happy I did. Just know they will get dirty...but you can flip cushion covers or wash them. And you can't beat how inexpensive the white Ektorps are compared to the colored versions. Good luck with your shopping, I'd love to hear how it turned out!
I'm glad to see that you still love your couches 2 years later, and I have to say that I love the wrinkled, comfy, worn-in look. It looks like an actual family lives there, while still looking like a picture from a magazine!

I have never scotch guarded my couches. I've been happy without it so far, but am interested to hear abou tit. Here's hoping someone who has done it sends you an email or pops in and lets the rest of know what they think of scotch guarding the slipcovers.

Your main fabric looks like it pulls a bit at the pleat. Did the slipcovered shrink? I'm about to buy these and will be hesitant if they shrink. I have the chair and have always put my slipcover back on slightly damp.  

The slipcovers came tight and they are still tight. I have not had mine shrink, but I have never dried them in a dryer. I always dry them outside in the sun or indoors on racks. It's a workout to put the slipcovers on...and sometimes I'm too lazy to pull them straight. Plus I don't iron them, so it gets the wrinkled lived in look. I also store my covers after they dry (I have 2 goes on and the dirty ones wait to get washed and put away). The pleats may look off because of how they dry, I often forget to straighten them as they are drying and they end up looking a little funky. Then I store them, which probably doesn't help. If you have the chair, I assume you would treat the couch the just do as you do with the chair. Good luck!

I love my white slipcovers too! It's so beautiful in our informal living room. We actually purchased another Ektorp set for our basement and wanted to go with browns but sure didn't like the price tag compared to the white ones....sooo:) we dyed them brown. They turned out great! I actually saw someone dye theirs Teal and it was so pretty.  

Okay, I'm late to the party here but have found your reviews so very helpful!!! I'm ready to pull the trigger and get my very own Ektorp sectional for the family room. The kids are teens now which means absolutely nothing about mess making. They still can't seem to get food and drink into their mouths without a mishap! My question is about the color of the slipcovers you chose. I've been flip flopping between the Blekinge white and Tygelsjo beige. So I'm wondering which color are the couches you chose?
I have the Blekinge white. They're not a bright white, more of an off-white. But they are white. I find they wash pretty easily and the stains some out. Sometimes I wish I would have gone with a sectional! Have fun sofa shopping! 

From Ikea Ektorp Wash and Review
I've had my Ektorp since 04. I have a blue and white stripe and sage with off white piping. They are both cotton twill. I've put them in the dryer numerous times (live in an apt and don't have the space to hang) and they still fit quite well. Perhaps the length in the back was longer to begin with. I can't remember. It is a couple of inches off the ground and that suits me just fine for mopping purposes.

That is so good to know! The dryer could come in handy and I'm in agreement with the mopping part!

Thank you for the good news about the couch that I just purchased! So nice to know that you have kids & animals and are happy with them. I now have neither but love the white and the knowledge that they are washable!! Much appreciation!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoy your new couch!

Thank you for the detailed feedback on your "Ektorp" experience. We have just ordered an Ektorp sofa and a chaise lounge. Your blog did a lot to reassure us of our decision. Looking forward to the delivery day...

Thanks so much for stopping by! I truly hope your enjoy your new Ektorp products!

Our ektorp slipcover became discolored in just a few months. We had the grey and it began to turn orange. Ikea took it back and gave us a new one, but when we took the cushion covers for the exchange off we discovered the feathered top section had come unsewn and feathers were all over the cushion. I wish we'd had as good an experience with Ektorp.

I have had my two ektorp white sofas for three years and i have pets and kids! I take them off and wash them about every three months, I put blue-o solution in the machine water before i add them and I pre soak them in the bath with nappy solution and warm water (every second wash i do with them, so about 2 or 3 times a year). They continue to be fabulous, look great, hold their shape and people comment what lovely sofas they are. I could not be happier, I haven't dried them in the drier i just hang them out and live with a few feathers for 24 hours and put them back on, they look like new. I would by another ektorp sofa in a heartbeat!

It's good to hear both bad and good experiences. Thanks for taking the time to comment and let others know about your experiences with Ektorp. I'm still pleased with mine. They're going in the wash tomorrow!

I have the ektorp sofa chair and sofa in white and three dogs! i have had it for over a year now and the covers still look brand new despite what they have been through;) the trick to keeping them looking great is before washing i use oxiclean max force on any stains, then i wash them in a front loader with all free and clear detergent and a capful of bleach, i tumble them low in the drier leaving them a little damp then lay them out flat on our spare bed/the floor with the windows open and the fan on to dry. for the price you pay i am really surprised what great quality the slipcovers are.

Thanks for the info! I have been wanting the Ektorp sectional, but was worried about keeping it clean. A little googling led me to your blog. Great review. Thanks!

I hope the Ektorp sectional works out for you, if you decide to get it. And thanks to everyone who stops by and to those who add comments and their own reviews!

Ive had my couch for 4 years, White, It says dryclean only. Im going to wash and hang dry it. If it doesnt work out ill get a new one. 50 bucks now Ikea of cours. hope it works though. looking for a good stain lifter that wont discolor the white????

I've started using powder oxi-clean on my white slip covers and I'm really happy with it. Lately I've been using powdered tide also. They're still clean! My son got bicycle grease on my love seat recently and I treated it with liquid spray oxi-clean and then washed in powdered tide with powder oxi-clean and it came out white again!

I've washed and dried my seat cushions, and the drying part is probably what has caused it to shrink and make the zipper rip from the cushion. So, I'd suggest using the washer to wash the cushion cover but don't use the dryer. As for the couch cover, washing it and drying it should be just fine as one of the comments mentioned (for mopping purposes)it will shrink a bit in inches from the ground.

I'm glad to know your happy with the sofas...I'm considering the slipcovered sectional...I have a slipcover I put on my old couch and I LOVE are nasty! Well, HUMANS are nasty...we don't eat anywhere but the table, but somehow there is always food in our couch...I'm more seriously considering the sofa now...THANKS

Thanks for your great reviews of EKTORP! With kids and pets and the low price tag of the sofa, I wasn't sure if the cushions or slipcovers would hold up... but you've put my worries to rest. Going out to buy one this month!

I would love to hear what you think about it!

I am glad I found your blog through a google search we are about to buy an Ektorp Sofa. We are replaceing out Madrid 3 seater we purchased from SofaSofa in the UK, this is all hollow fibre filled and goes flat all the time. We tested the cusion bounce on the Ektorp in store and we were very happy with the bounce back on the cusions, we will get two different colour slip covers one being red to add some zest and zing to our mexican style lounge. On another note that may interest some customers, we also like this sofa now as they have stopped using feathers in the design and gone to man made wadding in the back cusions, being vegan we avoid buying such things. Ill let you know how it goes getting ours sofas, there are cheaper sofas from sofasofa in the UK but the downside is they have hollo fibre cusions and go flat very quick.

Thanks for stopping by and for all the info. I'd love to hear how the sofas work out for you and how you like them. I didn't know they stopped using feathers, that's great to know. I've had my sofas for nearly 2 years now and they still feel as great or even better than when we got them. Good luck with your sofas!

Hi there,
Thanks for posting this! Since you also have pets, have you ever had to wash the down seat cushion covers? I have a cat who, while under the weather, decided that my Ektorp sofa would be a good place to go potty. Now I have to figure out the best way to thoroughly clean the cushion cover so that he doesn't return to the spot in the future.

Fortunately my cat hasn't used the couch as her litter box yet. I haven't had to wash the seat cushion cover yet. If it happened to me I would probably spray the cushion with a pet stain and odor remover and then hose down the cushion and let it air dry really well. (We had to do that to a recliner without removable cushions once that the cat used as her litter box). Then I would spray it with a pet odor remover once more and let it dry so the cat wouldn't keep coming back to the scent. Walmart sells a great enzyme spray for removing pet odors in the pet section. I'm sure you can also find it some other sprays at other retailers and pet stores. Also...we still use that recliner we hosed down and the cat hasn't used it since. I can't say the same for my bath mat! Thanks for stopping by.

I just bought the Svanska Gray covered Ektorp sofa and love it; however it says to "Dry Clean" the cover which I don't want to be bothered with: because of the expense and the hassle. Have you any information about what happens to the cover when it is washed? If I can't wash it, I may return it and get another color. Please let e now as soon as you can !!! Thanks !!!  

Hi New Ektorp Sofa Owner, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I've been away from my computer. I only have the white slip covers, so I'm not sure about the colored covers and washing them. I know the white covers say you can dry clean, but I wash them. I would suggest checking your return policy. Can you wash the covers once to see what happens and then return it? I know I wash a lot of my dry clean only clothes on a regular cycle, but then I air dry them. I don't use a dry cleaner either because of the hassle and cost. But I don't want to steer you wrong on something as large and costly as a slipcover. Maybe there will be someone else with colored covers that can comment sometime. I'm sorry I couldn't be more of a help in that area. 

Thank you so much for continuing your review of the Ektorp sofa. You have helped solidify my decision to purchase. I do wonder though, about a comment made August 22, 2011. Jase said Ikea removed the feathers from the back pillows. I'm curious if Jase would comment on his/her experience with the Extorp sofa, that is if the purchase was made. Thank you again for all the information.  

Thank you for stopping by! I would love to hear what you (and others) think of the Ektorp if you get it. I know it can help others in their decisions to hear all the good and the bad. I'm still pleased with my purchase of the Ektorps. My cushions have held up, even with the dog laying on top of the back cushions all the time.

Hello! I am searching for a small loveseat for my home's living room, and was wondering if the Ektorp would be a good fit. I love your post -- but I was wondering, when you first purchase the Ektorp, does it require any assembling? This is a post I wrote recently about small loveseats:

Thanks for stopping by. There is minimal assembly with the Ektorp. You have to screw the feet in and then put the slipcovers on. That's it! Good luck with the loveseat search!

I had my ektorp sectional (2 +2) for almost three years. We have 2 young girls, and no pets. I wash mine in hot water with BLEACH and have yet to have an issue. I've even used R.I.T. Whiten and brighten powder on a couple occasions and if anything, the covers come out nice and white, which I prefer over the dingy white they come as.

However, when dried in the drier on the lowest setting (extra low on my machine) my covers have experienced severe shrinkage. I'm on my second set, both have shrank so badly that they have ripped at the seams and now is causing damage to the couch itself (the stapled Velcro strips along the bottom edge is pulling out -- didn't realize this until my 2 year old stepped on one of the staples which landed in the carpet.. Ouch!) I have tried setting them outside to air dry, one occasion a bird pooped on it and it had to re-washed, the second time squirrels decided they would be a cozy spot to nibble on some snacks.

All-in-all, I love the sectional! But I hate the slipcovers. I will be calling ikea this time around for a FREE replacement, or begin looking for a sectional made of leather, which can be wiped clean....

Thanks for taking the time to write about the slipcovers. I haven't ever dried mine in the machine due to comments from others about them shrinking. I have discovered that after 2 years the zippers on mine were getting stuck. They weren't broken, but they were just hard to zip. My husband sprayed some silicone spray on them and they work like new now. I hope you're able to get some replacement slipcovers for free or else you can find something more suitable! Good luck!

I have a white ektorp sofa that I would like to spot clean. My dog rubbed dirt on the front but other than that its still pretty clean. Does anyone have any suggestions for spot cleaning the slip covers? Thanks!

I have had more dirt on my couch than I like to think about. I use Resolve spray (I think it was formerly called spray 'n wash) on the spot, rub it in, let it set 5 minutes and then wash in hot water. I've never had a problem with it not coming out. You could also do the spot remover spray and then run it under hot water if you just wanted to do the spot. Anyone else have suggestions? Anyone ever try one of those stain remover sticks that are meant for clothes?

Thanks so much for the tips on spot cleaning! I plan to try it out this weekend.

Why Ikea does not make a shrink resistant slipcover is beyond me. I used to have a mattisse covered couch I bought from Domain. Washed and dried the thing for over 7 years. No shrinkage. I still kick myself over deciding to give it away. I now have the Ektorp with the Redeby cover (no longer available). It is holding up much better. Once this couch wears out -that's it. I don't have drying racks or a clothes line and my husband won't sit on the floor until the couch dries all day. Now I have heard about aftermarket slipcovers made to fit the Ektorp. I may consider that if they are not too expensive.

I have a ektorp loveseat in white. After washing it once I noiced that it discoloured, white and off-white coloured. I washed it in cold water. Could that be the problem?

That's something that happens with the IKEA slipcovers, unfortunately. I mentioned that it happened to mine in a post, but it's not too noticeable so I deal with it. Did you happen to use a chlorine based bleach or washing liquid on it? The white slipcovers are really an off-white color so using any sort of bleach on them will turn it white. (Probably part of my problem). I'm not sure about the cold water, I've always washed mine in hot. If it's a big problem I'd contact IKEA customer service and see what help they can give you. If you haven't had the loveseat long, ask if they'll replace the cover (if you followed their washing directions). Thankfully the white slipcovers are fairly inexpensive to get a second set. Sorry if I wasn't more help, I hope you come to a happy conclusion. If all else fails....wash them with bleach and hope the whole thing turns a last resort. Also make sure your washer isn't stuffed too full when washing, that could cause some areas to get more detergent than others and cause the spotting. Maybe wash the base cover separate from the pillow covers?

Thanks for taking the time to post. Found through google search. We have just the single chair but hearing how well the other pieces hold up make me want more. Need to get rid of bachelor couches!

Thanks for taking the time to comment and stop by! If you end up getting more sofas, come on back and let us all know what you think of them. I'm looking for the good, bad, pretty, and ugly! And you gotta love the price of these sofas! Two and half years and I'm still loving them. Although...I'm guessing it's time to wash mine again...the dog has gotten a few of the covers filthy!

We have four Ektorp armchairs with white slipcovers that we really like...EXCEPT that I've had very poor outcomes when I washed individual covers on two occasions.
In both cases I washed a single set of slipcovers in warm water with mild detergent. When I removed the large piece that covers the body of the chair from the washer, I discovered that the fabric in the middle of the top of the left arm of the cover had disintegrated and shredded apart creating a large gaping hole. We had owned the chairs beyond the warranty period, so we went back and purchased another set of covers.

In the meantime, I did have one successful washing of another cover, but today, when I washed one of the covers the same thing happened as it did a year ago. This time the fabric was torn open on the upper arm of the main piece near the shoulder.

We'll go back to buy another replacement set, but I'm obviously doing something wrong. Perhaps it's my washer, although it seems unlikely to me that it could be that destructive...however no one else in previous posts appears to have this problem

Sorry to hear about the trouble with washing the covers. If something happens to new ones you buy, take them back...especially if they are under warranty. I guess the only things I can think of to ask you are 1) Have you looked in the washer to make sure there isn't anything sticking out of it to put holes in things? Do you get holes in other items? 2) Do you wash with the zippers open or closed? I always close my zippers when I wash to make sure they don't snag anything.

Anyone else have any ideas?

Sorry about your trouble and thanks for sharing it with us.

THANKYOU!! I don't have kids or a dog but I'm a naturally mucky pup myself and have been looking at the ektorp sofabed as an option for small flat with no spare room -washable bleachable covers!! HURRAH and THANKYOU!! what a great detailed review I guess.Sold.Thankyou so much

I recently bought the ektorp sofa on ebay (i didnt know it was an ektorp till i had it delivered) I managed to grab my self a bargain as i pain 4.99 for it :) well chuffed :) the only thing is it has no legs.... was wondering if you could take a picture so i can search for similar. thankyou :)

Has anyone had any experience with the Ektorp Jennylund chair? It's the perfect size for our nursery but the only reviews I can find for it are from Australia and are not good. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

I don't know much about the Jennylund. I wish I could tell you something. Here's a few online things I found, that you may have already seen. Check out the comments at: This one turned it into a rocker: From here: it said, "We purchased an IKEA Ektorp loveseat and Jenny Lund chair in November of 2010 and we absolutely love it! It is very well made and can be dressed up or dressed down." And the comments from here: Good luck! And I'm assuming...since you mentioned nursery....congratulations on a little one!  

I have 2 boys and our Ektorp sofa lives in their tv room. It is well used and I am happy to say that the covers go in our wash machine regularly and we have had no problems at all. The fabric is a off white corduroy and I often throw bleach into the machine and they come out like new. I would never have purchased a sofa in this colour as I am a self confessed neat freak but we bought it for a song off my sister years ago. At one stage my mom in law had it too so it really has done the rounds and still looks fantastic. The cover has stretched a little but I suspect my mom in law ironed it. I would love to get a new cover in a colour as they have a great selection at the moment but don't want to risk buying one that is not machine washable.  

What a great conversation! I've just recently gotten a 2009 Ektorp Love seat and I love it. I want to get a slipcover for a different look but the 2009 is a little different than the current version (it seems to have gotten the more rounded hand rests in the 2010 and later versions). I didn't know this was the case when I accepted the piece and now I'm disappointed and feeling stuck with the color as is. Does ANYone have any ideas about where I can look for an older Ektorp slipcover? Any help would be appreciated. 

Ask at IKEA if you could purchase one of the new slipcovers to see if it fits and make sure you can return it if it doesn't. That's one idea. Another is to look for other places that make slipcovers for Ektorps. Comfort Works is one place I know of, there are others. Contact them and ask them if their slipcovers will work. Good luck! I hope it works out for you!

I have washed our white ektorp slip covers in our front loader, delicate extended cycle with cold water, oxyclean and Persiil dtergent with excellent results. Air dry, or they will shrink for sure!

What a woman. Not only do you wash your covers all the time, you wrote an upbeat post with lots of pictures to show how!

Thanks for commenting and making me smile! I only wish I could wash covers all the time. Last time they sat on my laundry room floor for 3 weeks before I washed them and the current ones on my couch are sporting chocolate, muddy dog print, and all sorts of other things. Nothing like a bunch of throw pillows to cover it all up! Thanks for your upbeat comment, you rock!  

do you still like your ikea couches after three years? thinking of getting them.....lmk. thanks! 

Oh yes! I still love them. I don't regret getting them at all. I love the new slipcovers that are out now in the new IKEA catalog. I love the look of the light gray one with buttons near the bottom. It looks like it might not wrinkle nearly as badly as the white ones. Oh well, someday I could always get another set of slipcovers. But yes, I still adore my Ektorps and they're still as comfy as ever to me. Thanks for asking. 

I was wondering if you had the measurements for the box that the sofa came in?

I'm sorry, I don't. I have a photo of the boxes sitting in our driveway here:
That might give you an idea of the size, if they're still the same size now.Have you tried calling IKEA customer service and asking them? 

Thanks for the detailed wash review its great. Just wonering have you ever washed the second slip cover - the piece with the feathers in??i I've only had my couch a few months and today my toddler fell asleep on it and did a wee in his sleep!! I've washed the outer slip cover but am wondering what to do with the inner one with feathers??? Any suggestions appreciated thanks in advance- 

I've only ever washed the outer covers, so I don't have any tried and true advice for you. I assume you're talking about how to wash the cushion. I guess I can't remember if there is another removable cover...I should wash my slipcovers again and take a look! Maybe you could spray it with something and put it outside to dry? Here's a link to getting urine out of a couch:  

Thanks a lot for that. I've given it a wash with some upholstery spray and wet wipes so hopefully it will dry out ok!!

Thanks for writing this up. I have an Ektorp sofa with the Risane Natural cover. It says I can machine wash warm, but not tumble dry. I think I'll try the drying rack in the sun.

I really appreciate reading all of these comments on the Ikea sofa's. I purchased a sofa and two chairs with beige slipcovers last month. I wanted something I could wash since we have a cat and he leaves hair all over the place even though I brush him regularly. Today I decided to wash them and almost put them into the dryer. After I read your posts I did not. It is raining outside and I have them hanging around the house and hope they dry soon. I plan to do as others have said and buy an extra set to use when I wash the other set. I love the quality of the beige covers. They are really thick and when my cat jumps on the arm his claws actually slip off and do not penetrate the fabric. I love my Ikea furniture.

Thanks for taking the time to comment and tell us about your experience. I hope they dry fast for you! A second set is a lovely splurge, if you have the room to store them. Glad you love your furniture!

I'm thinking about purchasing this love seat chaise (it's between this and the Karlstad) but I'm dying to know if the bottom over hang (the wrinkly part) can just be omitted when assembling? The reason I like the Karlstad is that it looks a bit more modern because of the wooden legs showing which is the preference for my living room, other than that - the 2 couches are practically the same and I'd rather spend less money buying this one. I just need no extra over hanging fabric at the bottom covering the legs. Thank you for this review and response!!

You'll want the Karlstad if you want legs showing. With the Ektorp the bottom piece of fabric is attached to what covers the arms and back. Sometimes I think I should have gone with the Karlstad! Except, because of our lack of storage in our house, I store things under the Ektorps! Hope that helps you with your decision. I'd recommend the Karlstad for you, even if it does cost more, I think you'll be happier with it.

Aahhh - the extra underneath storage - didn't think about that one! I have zero storage in my living room as well. I'm so torn - saving $200 is so tempting! Thanks for responding so quickly and your recommendation!!

Good luck on the decision, sounds difficult! :) You might want to check out the storage underneath the Ektorp, if you're leaning that way. Just to make sure it's what you want and you won't miss the Karlstad. We keep games and boxes of stuff under the Ektorps. But, I sure do love the look of the Karlstad. 

Great and helpful post... appreciate that you keep up on your comments. I bought the sofa online and the covers were delivered first along with the footstool. That's where I noticed the wrinkly skirt, so I threw all the covers in the washer for the couch before I've even put them on. Now I know I won't be using the dryer! 

Awesome! Thanks for commenting! Can't believe I've had the couch 5 years. Just washed my slipcovers again today. Bleach, detergent, and air drying. They're still looking pretty good. There's a few "stains" I can't get out, but I think I'm the only one who knows they're there!

From Another Ektorp Review: Tullsta Chair 

Love that you've got another Ikea review today. Very sweet picture of you, kid, dog!

I'm glad you wrote this review/blog. I'm thinking of buying the chair (leather). Thanks!

Hi, I am glad I found your review because I plan on buying the Tullsta chairs, without seatcovers. So my question, when I checked there are no instructions on assembling the chairs only the seatcovers on the chairs. Is that weird or what!  

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I can't remember if our chairs came with assembly instructions. IKEA has the silliest instructions anyways with the little drawings. I think we only had to screw legs on these chairs. They'll look really nice without the slipcovers. I'm tempted to leave mine like that sometimes until someone gets dirt on my slipcovers! Enjoy your new furniture!

Hi! I stopped by while Googling reviews for the Tullsta slipcover. I still haven't found my answer, but maybe you can help. I'm wondering how opaque the slipcover is? I have a chair that is essentially identical the Tullsta, but it has this crazy gray/red/black/ivory print that was super-cool a few years ago, but I'm not loving it anymore. I was thinking of putting a Tullsta slipcover on it instead of having it reupholstered (or getting rid of it altogether - it's a great chair!). But of course wondering if this awesome geometric print would show through the slipcover? Thanks for any help you can give!

The slipcover for the tullsta is exactly like the slipcovers for the Ektorp line. They are a heavy cloth (almost canvas/denim or duck cloth like). I tried putting a black and ivory checked blanket under my Tullsta cover and I couldn't see the pattern. I could slightly tell that there was something darker under the white, but it wasn't very noticeable and I couldn't see the pattern. A tullsta slipcover is a cheap and easy way to start. If you decide you don't like it down the line, you could always get the chair recovered and you're not out too much money.  

That's exactly what I was wondering. Thanks so much! 

From IKEA Ektorp Review Continued: 2 Years Later

Thanks for this! I'm thinking of getting the Ektorp sofa for a spare bedroom I'm converting to a den/family room. I'm not usually a white sofa kinda girl but the beige isn't machine washable. Glad to know that you don't regret it a bit!

YAY! I'm so glad you posted this. We're looking for a sectional sofa for our basement and I've been considering the Ektorp, but I keep wondering how it will hold up over time. Thanks!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Please let me know what you think of the Ektorp line if you happen to get it! Thanks!

I hemmed and hawed about buying my sofas at Ikea. I shopped around at a bunch of furniture stores and was attracked to the "Shabby Chic" look of a white slipcovered sofa. The prices at these other stores was really out of my price range and an extra set of covers (just in case) was as expensive as the couches. I finally went to IKEA and really loved the Ektorp line. I decided to buy the armchair, loveseat and ottoman. Iniially I bought the black cover, but when I got it home, I really decided that I wanted the white and took the black ones back. The white covers were super cheap (about 1/5 the price of the black ones). With the extra refund money, I bought an extra set of white covers, a rug, toss pillows and an end table. I have been nervous about the quality of the line and of course the practicallity of the white slipcovers. Today I googled and found your blog. It makes me feel really good about my purchase.  

Thanks for the review of this sofa.
We saw the Ektorp sofa a couple of times in the store and really like it. I got one question thou...the Cushions in the sofa are not attached, do they keep falling forward off the sofa when you sit down ?, The sofa I have right now does this a lot and that is the reason we decided to replace it with an Ektorp.  

Thanks for stopping by! As far as the cushions on the couch, we've never once had to push them back in place. (And I just asked my hubby if he's ever had to and he said no). They stay in place great! They do fit pretty tight together, so that's probably why they don't fall forward. 

Thank you so much for clearing my doubt regarding the cushion. I am heading to the store tomorrow, they have 15% off on these :).  

Have fun at IKEA! And 15% off is a great deal! Enjoy! 

Your blog are sooo interesting!
I was searching testimony in french about white Ektorp, but I found your blog ... wow ! So complete ! So, I'm a mom of a little boy of 5 month old, Eli. OK, maybe it's because I am so tired (he wakes up every 3 hours again ...) but I think regret my white Ektorp. :s Why ? Because I have the impression that remove, wash and put back the covers will be so exhausting. :( But maybe it's because now, for me every task it's a BIG challenge. It is a lot of work and efforts to change covers? * Forgive me for my poor English.

Thanks for stopping by! Yes, it can be a big job to change the slipcovers. It's a workout! I don't change the covers all that often, only when they start to look really dirty to me. To be honest I probably only wash them about 3 times a year. And with a 5 month old, your time is occupied with your little one. Enjoy your son! 

I'm considering getting the Ektorp corner sofa....wondering how it will hold up. We have 3 labs, and are empty nesters except for family gatherings when everyone comes over. LOVE the slipcover idea. I love that you posted that after 2 years you still love your sofas! Thanks so much for that information.

Firstly ,i love your house, its so airy and bright and I want to live there!!
Secondly, thanks for the review...over here IKEA is huge but then it also has the reputation of not being of good quality so Im glad to read your review saying otherwise!
Thanksagain, and off I go to get ektorp!   

Thanks for stopping by! I'm beginning to wonder now if I should have gone with a corner Ektorp, but love that I can just move couches if I need more room. I'd love to hear how others like the corner couch. Superwomanwannabe (love the name!)...I'd love to hear what you think of your new Ektorp. I know some IKEA pieces have a reputation for not being good. I like to stick to the real wood items (just got a hemnes dresser) or to the things with a good warranty like the Ektorp line. Enjoy! 

Thanks for your Ektorp reviews! We're in the market for a new couch (or 2, or 3...) and I wondered how they held up to kids and washing! 
With 6 kids, spots of unknown origin are the "decorative pattern" on our current couch. LOL

Oh, those spots of unknown origin! I had to spot treat a few of those the last time I washed the slipcovers! (They came out!) Good luck with your couch shopping!

Thank you for your answer Chrissy !
I would like to share to you a super link I discovered ! It's about Ikea covers you cannot find at Ikea ... sooo original !

Will have to take a road trip to get this sofa, but if I have a coupon that will make it worthwhile. How do I get a coupon?
P.S. I'm so glad I found this review!

I'm not sure how you get a coupon for the sofa. I just kept checking the IKEA website every once in awhile and saw that they were running a promo for buy a couch and get an extra slipcover for free. You can sign up for emails to get deals at your local IKEA. I know it's hard if you don't have a local IKEA...I don't. We had our sofas shipped to us. Thanks so much for stopping by! I loved to hear how your sofa shopping works out!

I too have been thinking about purchasing these sofas from ikea. I really love the coastal cottage look of white slipcovers. I actually love pottery barn but the prices are a too high. The price of the ektorp is so appealing. My only concern has been the quality and how well it will hold up. I also have 2 kids and a small dog. :) thanks again for your review. This has been so helpful.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I loved the Pottery Barn pieces too, but their cost was way more than I wanted to spend. I have been beyond happy with the Ektorp pieces and so thankful a lower cost sofa has held up. These sofas are a great price and have held up well to 2 kids and a dog. Good luck with sofa shopping!

Hello again. Thanks for your response. I will Leave comment when I decide to buy them. Hopefully real soon :)

I'm so happy I found your blog and especially this post! I have been wanting a white Ektorp for years and was scared to get one even though I keep seeing bloggers telling me it washes easily even with kids and pets and all! I have a 10, 8, and 3 year old- all boys! So you can see why I would be hesitant! Thanks so much for this post! Now I think I need to get to Ikea!!!

Thanks for stopping by! I was hesitant about a white couch with having kids and pets too. Just know that the couches will get dirty and the dirt will show on white...don't be afraid of the dirt. It will wash out or just flip the cushion until you can wash it. (Shhh...I just did that!) Let me know how it works out for you!

Really REALLY considering purchasing the Ektorp sofa & loveseat thanks to this post!! Our nearest IKEA is over 2 hours away, so we either have to rent a trailer, make the drive, and get it ourselves... or have it delivered. Getting it ourselves will only end up saving about $75 so I'm considering taking the plunge without making the trip, thanks to this post!! My only issue is obviously purchasing it without actually seeing it first... but I kind of feel like I've seen it first now after seeing this post :)
The Ektorp line is the exact look I'm going for, and I like that I'd have the option to wash it and/or change colors if I need to. Have you seen the light brown color in person? I think that's what I want.. don't want the dark chocolate brown, and white won't go with my decor... I think light brown is the perfect middle ground. Ugh maybe I should just drive up and see it first?! lol

I haven't been to an IKEA since after Christmas (the closet one to me is 8 hours), but I have seen the tan one in person. I like it, it'd probably be my second choice in color! It's a neutral base, but it's not really light or really dark. You should be able to use a stain remover on it in case of stains.

If you are the slightest bit hesitant about purchasing without seeing the sofa, I'd suggest making a day of it and heading to IKEA. Eat lunch, shop, haul back more stuff than you planned to buy! Some people find the Ektorp too firm for their liking and some tall people don't feel like it fits them properly. My hubby is 6 foot and loves these sofas and how they feel. I can't stand sinking into a couch and not being able to push myself out of it. I love how these are firm, yet still have a squish to be comfortable. And I still love them after 2 and a half years. I guess it's all personal preference! Good luck with your sofa shopping, I'd love to hear how it goes!

Hmmm.. this information helps! :) We are both relatively short.. I'm 5'3" and my boyfriend is around 5'10"... our current couch has a low back, so there is nowhere really to rest your head. I think if your hubby finds them comfortable, they would probably work for us... and I'm sure they'll be better than what we have now!! (I hate the low back!!!)
I'm so tempted just to order, but you're probably right -- we should just make a day of it. So hard to find the time though!

I'm 5'5" and I can rest my head on the top cushions. I've fallen asleep doing that a few times! Plus when I was sick and didn't want to keep my hubby up with my coughing, I slept on the couch. Comfortable enough to sleep on! I did order my couches from home, but I had tried them a few times before that whenever I got the pleasure of visiting an IKEA. I'd love to say just go ahead an order them, but I'd hate for you to be disappointed if they aren't comfortable for you. If you're brave....go for it!

Just ordered!!!!!!!! Sight un-seen! haha! I've found several other blogs with positive Ektorp reviews as well, so... I just decided to go for it!
I'll let you know how it goes! :-D

You Rock! Such a rebel! :) I'd love to hear how it goes! Here's hoping you love your Ektorp!

Okay..... my Ektorp(s) have finally arrived and after 5 days... I LOVE IT!!!!!
They are super comfy, the perfect size, and I love the color I got!!! Thanks so much for your review that helped me be brave enough to go for it!!!
You can kind of see my new couch & love seat in this post on my blog.
I plan to do a full post about it soon, but I just wanted to share an update and say thank you!!! :)
P.S. sorry to overload your comments on this post lately!!!

Thanks for stopping by again! Can't wait to see your full post about the sofas! Glad you love them!

Great blog! I've had my Ektorp for 5 years in a summer cabin with 2 dogs, one husband, lots of sand, and tons of friends. It's held up great. I replaced a slipcover, not because the white one was wearing out, but because I wanted to try the blue color. When we move, I'll buy another Ektorp--great value. They do look shabby, as in shabby chic, so if you like a more tailored look, I'd suggest a different IKEA model. (Before the Ektorp, I paid a lot more for a ROWE slipcovered sofa, but when the covers completely disintegrated after 8 years, I couldn't find replacements anywhere. The IKEA fabric is much better quality for a 1/3 the price)

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. It is greatly appreciated! I'm sure others would love to know what someone thinks of their Ektorp after 5 years. I'm happy to know you still like it! Thanks again!

I have enjoyed your blog. Thanks for posting about the Ektrop sofa and your experience with the white slipcovers. I just got a new white slipcover and love them and know I have some great ideas on how to care for them. Check out Bemz "Give your IKEA furniture a new life." Bemz is a company in the UK who only makes slipcovers for Ikea furniture. They have a large selection of fabrics, colors and prints and will send you free swatches. I bought a slipcover a few years ago for the Barkaby chair which IKEA no longer carries. I am very pleased with the Bemz slipcover. Thanks again for posting about the Ektrop slipcover.

Try milk when you have a stain. The worse the stain, the longer you want to soak. Be sure the stain is completely under the milk and change the milk if needed. Over night usually does the trick. Take item out of the milk and put in the wash. That's it. Thanks for the info on the sofas. I am going with the white slip covered sectional after the garage sale!

Wow! Milk removes stains! I've never heard that, but I'm eager to try it. Thanks for the tip.

Well I am going to purchase this very same sofa and chair tonight, used, off of Kijiji $300 for the set. I am so happy to read this! I too have hand me down off white sofa and chair and I can't wait to get my true white set.
Happy to hear you still love them!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy your sofa and chair as much as I enjoy mine. Just don't be afraid of the dirt, it will wash away. Enjoy!

We've had the same Ektorp sofa for 8 years. It was moved to our den a few years back and I miss it. We also purchased two covers. Lifesaver after the dog gnawed on one of the cushions. Nothing is better than sitting on a couch that smells like detergent. My other couch is a microfiber couch from Macy's and it is just awful to clean. Considering replacing it with another Ektorp

I am thinking about getting the same sofa too. I have seen other slip cover sofas that recommend dry cleaning. I think that dry cleaning something that your family will be sitting on is a terrible idea. Dry cleaning involves terrible chemicals! Also thinking about a leather couch, but again, terrible chemicals! Trying to create a SAFE and healthy environment for my kids. So I like the idea, just need to convince my husband, ARG!

Good luck convincing your husband! White couches get dirty with everyday living, but I like that I can wash and set them out to dry. With a child with asthma, I've always tried to avoid chemicals. I'm not a fan of dry cleaning. Even if something says "dry clean only," I'm a big rebel and wash it. Good luck and happy couch shopping!

We went to the Ikea store today. We sat on the couches including the Ektorp couch. It was not comfortable! I could not understand why it wasn't because I read somewhere on your blog about the cushions being bouncy. But no bounce, not soft, not comfy. I was so disappointed because I thought this might be the solution for us. I might get it anyway because similar couches are so much more expensive everywhere else, plus we are in Canada so we don't have the selection that Americans have. Why would they conceive of such a great product, great shape, great design, great slipcover idea, and then skimp on the cushions and ruin it? Does not make sense. Is your couch comfy? I am wondering if Ikea has cut corners, or has changed the couch somehow? We tried the Kivik and it was much better, but I like the syle of the Ektorp better. :( Also we can not lean back on it at all, the back cushions do not go high enough, not even close (we are tall). Not sure what to do now! You mentioned that you researched prices, what other companies make a similar couch?

Thank you so much for posting your reviews. My husband and I took the plunge and bought the white Ektorp sectional with a spare slipcover set in May.

The slipcovers wash beautifully. I use warm water, whatever detergent is on sale and some borax (because our water is hard). They get dried on delicate at the "less dry" setting, and then either languish in the dryer for a day or so or get spread out to finish drying. Perfect. They come out with a few wrinkles, but not too bad.

We don't have any kiddos anymore, but we are crazy bunny people. Our girl, Lily, pees on the couch whenever she gets mad or scared. Ugh! She's really fast and sneaky, too. We still try to discourage her from this inappropriate behavior, but it’s not a big deal anymore. We just swap out whichever cover she got and toss it in the hamper until laundry day. No problems.

I gave up years ago trying to convince my husband that you were supposed to eat at the table, so other things end up on the couch, too. “Sweetie, is that barbeque sauce?” I love that I can see the dirty spots on my couch right away. I’m not a big fan of grim.

I have a hard time cramming the cushions back into the covers, but my husband doesn’t, so it works for us. My husband also put the sectional together when it arrived. He said it was really easy. And this couch is sturdy! My husband is a largish person, and I’m afraid I’m bigger than I used to be also.

As far as choosing the sectional over the couch/love seat, etc. – this is not one of those gigantic sectionals from the ‘70s! We have a small living room and about a third of it is taken up by our bunnies’ pen. (Did I mention we are crazy bunny people?) The sectional is perfect for us. The two of us have tons of room to sprawl around, the bunnies think it’s the greatest toy ever, and when we have family over there’s plenty of seating room.

One last thought – after a few washes, the covers are softer and more comfy. Because we bought our couch at the beginning of shorts season, I noticed that the couch seemed scratchy at first. Now it’s fine. I also love how cottony fabric doesn’t seem as hot to sit on in the warm weather as other couches which are all synthetic. Bonus!

Happy Ektorping!

Here’s a picture of Lily on “her” couch when we first got it:!/photo.php?fbid=286114254818621&set=a.153713434725371.33007.100002601453504&type=3&theater

I do hope that you can find a couch that you like. Trying them out is a good idea to find what fits your comfort style. We like firm, with just a little give, but nothing too soft and cushy. That's what our sofas are like. I've had someone tell me that they have changed the way the cushions are made since I've gotten mine. I'm not sure if they are done differently for different parts of the world. We have bottom cushions that are dense foam with a layer of down feathers on top. The top cushions are of a looser foam.

As far as similar couches to try...Pottery Barn has similar styled one and people rave about those, but they are more expensive. (I might have gotten those if money wasn't an option, but budget isn't that great). Rowe furniture also has some and you could try Crate and Barrel, depending on what stores are available in Canada. Prices will be more expensive than IKEA, but you might find them more to your comfort level. I hope your are able to find what you like! Good luck sofa shopping! I'd love to hear what you end up with.

Thanks for stopping by and letting us know what you think of your Ektorp! I sometimes wish I went with the sectional, but remind myself to be happy with what I have! I'm glad to hear what you think about yours.

And yes, those cushions can give you a workout stuffing them back into the slipcovers! But at least they aren't loose! And just like you...we end up with all sorts of dirt and grime on our slipcovers, thank goodness you can wash them. Having a second set of slipcovers is a livesaver for me!

I do agree that the slipcovers feel better after a few washes. I have noticed that the zippers on ours were getting tough to zip after 2 years, more like they were sticky. We resolved it with a little silicon spray and they work great again. A rubbing of beeswax would probably work too. I may need to update my post with that!

Loved your honest review! Its so nice to hear great comments from a family who has actually used the sofa as they should get used! Now I can't wait to move into our new condo next week and my next trip to Ikea :)

 Congrats on the move, have fun with it! And have fun at IKEA! I'm wishing the huge big building going up in town is an IKEA, but I'm probably just dreaming. If you happen to purchase a new sofa (any brand), let us know what you think.

I have the Ektorp Couch and Chair. After 7 years they are worn out. The cushions are falling apart. We went to Ikea to replace it and the current Ektorp is not the same! Our 7 year old one has more padding in the cushions than the new ones.

Thank you so much for describing how much you love your white sofa's. We have the extorp sofa's in the Svanby Gray and after 2 years and 3 moves, we LOVE them.

But your story inspired me to buy the white covers from Ikea to cover some other old couches we had! I love them so far, and even with the litte bit of dirt I'm happy to report that they did wash out!
The current Ektorp is not the same as the previous one. They have changed the cushions. Mine have a layer of down on the top, just as reference. If you're in doubt about the Ektorp or any furniture for that matter, please go to a store and try out what you are thinking of buying. Thanks for stopping by.

...thanks for telling us about your new slipcovers. Glad they washed out for you and that you're happy with them!

I love mine too and use idemo brown (tan with lighter tan piping), but even in cool with no drying, my slipcover shrunk a little and I noticed yours pulls in the same spot (across the piece under the cushions). Has anyone had success stretching them back out a little with putting them back on while damp? Mine also has sort of odd fading. Almost like distressed fabric. I still love it (and I got my chair and ottoman from a friend for $75!!!).  

Just to say that you can carefully wash the grey Ektorp slipcovers that are marked dry clean only.
I don't like dry cleaning chemicals, so I tried washing the cushion covers on a 30 degree gentle cycle, and put them back on while slightly damp, and it's worked fine. I haven't yet tried the back cover, but that gets much less dirty. 

I'm so glad to have found all your posts about the Ektorp sofas! Like some other commenters, I hemmed and hawed about getting the Ektorp loveseat, and especially about getting it in WHITE (which I have always wanted, but which seems impractical.) Originally we planned to buy a brown leather loveseat which cost four times the cost of just ONE of these loveseats. We don't have kids, but we have two cats who shed and puke a lot and leather is either to brush right off (which takes care of the fur, at least.) My husband was adamantly against getting white furniture, even after I found these, and found that the white cover was by far the least expensive option. Ultimately, we went back to IKEA, my husband was sufficiently impressed by the comfort (and price tag) and we bought the loveseat.We just got it yesterday so we have yet to put it together (too busy putting together all the other stuff we bought) but I have been wondering just how easy it is to clean. And I've been wondering about the "no bleach" thing. I'm so happy to learn that they are easy to clean, and durable. We plan to go back and get at least one extra slipcover... I'm amazed it's only $30 for the loveseat cover! Might as well buy a couple of them.I also love the fact that if somehow we get sick of white or move and want another color in our new location, we can just buy a new set of covers in a different color and totally change the look.Oh, one final note - a few years ago we bought a cheap steam iron type of device from Target. It's for steaming drapes, clothes, etc. - things which can't easily or safely be ironed with a regular iron. It looks somewhat like a small canister vacuum with a water reservoir, long hose, and plastic attachment at the end. I expect that this will probably work well to remove wrinkles from a newly-washed slipcover (or the slipcover immediately after the initial assembly.) I'll just be careful to use distilled water to avoid imparting any sort of stain to the cover. 

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your new loveseat! My white loveseat slipcover is currently sporting little brown paw marks from a naughty dog that slipped by me with dirty paws! I'll wash it soon and I'm positive they'll come clean. I pretreat with a stain remover and wash in hot water. If you're going to use bleach...use it on all of the slipcovers, it will lighten them. The white covers aren't actually white. Enjoy! ...thanks for telling us about washing the dry clean only covers. Good to know! I never dry clean my dry clean only clothes (I wash in a pillow case on gentle cycle), so I'm happy to hear it works for you on the slipcovers! 

Has anyone tried to dye the white slipcovers??? I am looking for a different color for our sectional, but the colors ikea has are much more expensive than the plain white.I don't like the black gray or red they offer either.

That's a good question...I would love if someone answered here. But I did a little scouring and here's what I came up with:An awesome blog post on actually dyeing the covers at: Here's another blog post from someone else who tried it: A comment from another place: "I've dyed Ikea slipcovers before. I bought dye from the local art store (slightly better than RIT dye) and used the washing machine. As long as your slipcover is wet all over, the dye should take evenly. I always use vinegar to set the color. If it turns out funny or you don't like the color, use the RIT dye remover to remove the dye. It is simple, but be prepared to wash out/wipe out the inside of your washer afterwards." from And some answers at the IKEAfan site at: Good luck if you choose to dye it! I'd love to hear if it works out the way you intended. And thanks for stopping by!

I was very satisfied with the sofa. It was packed in a way that made it very easy to manage while getting up a very difficult stairway. The sofa looks very nice and was easy to put together. Moysha Furniture was the business that my order came from and they were great to work with when I had a question about my delivery and it was to me in 1 week from the time I placed my order.  

We decided to go for the IKEA Kivik sofas, with white slipcovers, instead of the Ektorp. This was a major purchase for us. I want to thank you for posting your findings on your blog. I don't think I would have had the courage to actually get what I wanted (white slipcovers) had I not read your blog. The only thing I would warn people about regarding the Kivik is that you have to partially disassemble the couch to remove the slipcovers for washing. I did not know this when I bought my Kiviks. Other than that, I like them, I love how I can wash them, I love how I know that there is no chemical treatment, i.e. stain protector on the sofa fabric rubbins against my children's skin. Also, the Kivik sofa slipcovers pull tighter over the sofa, so you don't get the safe wrinkling you get with the Ektorp slipcovers. I also think the slipcover fabric may be different for the Kivik.

I just wanted to check to see if you still are enjoying your Kivik sofa? I am interested in purchasing but can't find nearly as many reviews as are available for the Ektorp! Is it comfortable? Wash well?  

thanks for stopping by again and telling us about your IKEA purchases! It's lovely that your happy with your Kivik purchase. I'm almost wishing I would have gone with the Kivik wrinkles! I hope the white slipcovers work out for you and that you're happy with your purchase for years to come. Thanks!

We are just now replacing our white Ektorp couch after 7 and a half years of hard daily wear by a husband, six dogs, and a toddler. Here are my thoughts on it:The cushions DID soften and becone less firm with wear. They were super comfy about 2-3 years in.I learned my lesson - the covers CAN shrink if dried on too high a heat, or for too long. But they're cheap, so it wasn't too hard a lesson. Generally, I found them to wash well.After 7.5 years, though, my couch has started to sag in the middle, and the cushions are pretty flat and uncomfortable. My bottom cushions do slide out, and we're always having to push them back in. :-( But for $349 - it has been a fantastic couch! You can't beat it for style, durability, and cleanability.  We're splurging and getting a Pottery Barn white slipcovered sofa this time. I'm one who looooves cushy cushions! And we wanted a sofa that was longer and deeper. But we still have an Ektorp sofa bed in our study! Thanks for letting me share!  

Thanks so much for sharing. I sure appreciate your thorough review. I'm hoping to get nearly a decade out of our sofas. For the price, it can't be beat. I'd love to know what you think of the Pottery Barn ones, they are beautiful! I hope that they last even longer for you! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing how your sofas worked for you!

I'm not too sure if you have already answered this question, but do you know an easier way to put the slipcovers on after washing. I always seem to rip mine when I put them back on. Usually around the arms where it tapers in. Any tips would be helpful...

Quick question, thinking about the svanby grey. Is it a dark grey or more of a lighter? We live no where near and ikea and love the look of the erktorp, really want the white but trying to stick with a darker color...but not too dark. Have brown sectional now and it sucks the light out of our darker room. Thanks for the info!

I am really wanting to get the erktorp series for our family room.would love the white but with an English bulldog, a dirty 14 year old boy and all his friends who practically live at our house it scares me. I was wondering if anyone has seen the svanby grey color in real life? I am looking at it on line trying to figure out if it is a darker grey or a lighter grey. Our room now has a brown sectional and it really seems to suck up all the light and makes the room feel dark. Any info appreciated! 

I don't live near an IKEA either, so I can't say what the grey looks like in real life. I know I've seen it, but I honestly can't remember what it looks like. I want to say it's on the darker side (not light grey, but it's not towards black). Maybe a midtone gray, but that's just going from memory and what it looks like on my computer screen. Maybe call IKEA customer service and see what they tell you? Perhaps ask if a swatch can be sent to you? I love grey colors and would love to know how this couch is. I'm also afraid of the whole light sucking up thing too. Good luck! And thanks for taking the time to stop by! 

I live by an IKEA; the Svanby Gray looks a bit dark in the photo vs. what it looks like in person, but it is close to accurate. It is a dry clean only fabric; not sure if you noticed that some of the slipcovers are washable and some are dry clean only. Seems like most of their latest additions of slipcovers are dry clean only:-( If you are looking for a washable slipcover, the black may work for you. We found it to be more of a charcoal gray/black than a true black. We went with the white for ease of washing and ability to bleach. (We use a full scoop of Oxyclean and 1/4 cup bleach plus detergent per load, warm water, warm rinse and I also do an extra rinse cycle. Tumble dry low until damp. 3 total loads for the sectional sofa. They wash beautifully for us.) With pets of all colors, and especially with a shedding Siberian Husky with a white undercoat, the white was a better choice for us. With the inexpensive prices of the slipcovers, we are considering adding extra colors to use seasonally in addition to the extra white slipcovers we purchased. I also noticed slipcovers on ETSY that are intended for the IKEA EKTORP line; fun colors and fabrics and reasonably priced. Upkeep between washings has been easy; a quick vacuum and sometimes using a dry brush have gotten rid of any dirt smudges. They have velcro tape on the body of the slipcover to keep it adhered to the frame which is a wonderful detail. As far as comfort, the back cushions are a nice support, but the seats seem thin to me. (I'm of average height and weight.) Someday perhaps I'll have custom cushions made for the seats. You can't beat these EKTORP prices. I've spend money on custom Drexel Heritage upholstered pieces and they were not worth the extra money. That's why we went with the IKEA EKTORP pieces. We furnished two rooms for what one sectional would have cost us. And it's all washable!:-D Thank you for sharing your blog. Great information:-)

I really like the wrinkled look, it make it more rustic. 


  1. I came across your blog while looking at Ektorp reviews. I'm in medical school and need something inexpensive but durable. My one question-- how horrible was the assembly? Does it come in a million pieces and terrible instructions? Thanks!!

  2. Assembly was super easy. Screw on the legs and stuff the cushions into the slipcovers. That was it!

  3. What a wonderful blog! My hubby and I bought two Ektorp sofas, two Ektorp chairs and two Ektorp ottomans.We have three indoor/outdoor cats,and I have found that they are holding up very well after a two years of every day use.I used bleach and Arm&Hammer liquid with oxy clean,on one stained cushion, and it came out much whiter than the rest, but I will just bleach them too-problem solved.We have a $2000 dollar cream colored slipcovered sofa with a chaise upstairs, and I don't even like it as much as the Ektorp.We bought it first, and had I known it would be so smushy,bulky and expensive to clean (eighty bucks for dry cleaning), I never would have bought it.I am giving the expensive sofa to a friend, and moving my Ektorp upstairs to replace the expensive sofa.For the price of dry cleaning the old sofa, I can buy new covers!BTW,I love your green and blue cushions that you have as an accent...where did you get them?Thanks, Carolyn

  4. Thanks Carolyn for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I sure appreciate it! I'm sure everyone else who stops by will appreciate hearing from someone else who has had their Ektorps for awhile. I've been using the Arm&Hammer powder with oxy-clean to wash mine also. I've just used the bleach to spot treat, but love that you can just bleach the whole thing if needed! And the pillows, I sewed them from fabric from Hobby Lobby. It's some of the in house Brother/Sister fabric that Hobby Lobby has. Enjoy!


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