Friday, October 7, 2011

Random Friday Photos

Yep, it's just a post full of random photos from the last week and my random comments.  Just like my brain, it'll be a bunch of randomness.  Random randomness. 

Grandma N was in town and we had a boat load of fun.  Or maybe a go-kart full of fun.  Biker Boy and I enjoyed more childless time than we've had in ages!  Thank you Grandma!  Grandma N told the kids Biker Boy and I were going on a date and Chewy asked what a date was.  Then Chewy said, "Is that when they don't have fighting kids?" 

You'll notice that I was winning in the go kart race ride.  I enjoyed it for the few minutes that it lasted.  But in my defense, no one else passed me.  And Chewy loved my driving. 

Biker Boy and I got to go on a fall hike sans kids.  I can't remember if we've ever done that.  Apparently we weren't the only ones hiking the trail at the top of the mountain to see fall colors.  It was like a highway out there.  We were constantly passing people both ways.  We met some friends on the trail who asked right away, "Where are the kids?"  Apparently the kids are usually attached to our hips. 

Ranger was so excited to go hiking!  That dog is full of energy!

I loved the twisted branches of the aspens.

This is one of Biker Boy's favorite shots.  I'm not sure if it's because of me or the dog.  Or maybe it's because of the aspen trees on the mountain.

My extra handsome hubby and I!  Thanks to the friend who offered to get a photo of us and the dog's behind.

I got a new camera early for my birthday (thank you to my wonderful husband who really spoiled me this year)!  I've been trying it out.  I have much to learn.  Much, much, much to learn. 

I tried the camera out on a tarantula after a trip to the pediatrician.  (First child missing school because of a fever.)  See my tarantula post here.

I also tried it out on a rainbow.  We got rain.  Lots of rain.  Too bad the water barrels were already full.

I also tried it out on the kids at the playground. All the photos before and now (except the tarantula) are SOOC (straight out of camera), meaning I didn't touch them up any.  I've got to learn how that thing works.  I did get a great portrait of a friend's child, but won't get to see it.  It was probably just a lucky shot.  But I don't like to post photos of other people unless they give me their permission...and I didn't ask, but I did email her the 2 photos I took.

On your mark.  Get set.  Go.

I love the tongue.  Okay...I did boost the color on this one.

Love the smile.  This was just 12 hours before the fever struck.

This outfit was my sister's when she was four.  Chewy loves it.

I also tried the camera out on my second child who missed school because of a fever.  I did minor touch-ups in Elements, such as turning it black and white.  She was sacked out on our couch for a majority of the day.  She made a great still subject.  She was even sleeping with her eyes open part of the time.  Such a tired little girl.

Now it seems both children's fevers have come down, but I was up half the night with both of them coughing.  I was making warm honey/lemon water for them to drink, making sure the humidifiers had water, filling water bottles, taking temperatures, giving hugs, and administering albuterol.  I even slept on the floor on one child's room so I wouldn't keep waking Biker Boy up.  I'm running on caffeine right now and both kids are both sacked out on the couch watching "The Cat in the Hat" on PBS.  No school today, it's fall break.  Great.  I didn't exactly plan to spend it with sick kids, but we'll make the best of it.  I already made triple berry muffins and hot chocolate this morning, though both kids don't really have an appetite right now.  More muffins for me and a mocha!

What are your plans for the weekend?  I hope you enjoy it whether you have no plans or big plans.    

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