Monday, October 10, 2011

Shootin' Some Hoops

Beware: This post is full of photos of my two favorite guys and random comments.  Consider yourself lucky that I only choose about 1/4 of the photos I took.  I'm taking any chance I get to play practice with my new camera. These photos were taken in the sports mode. 

Scooter got a new basketball hoop for his birthday.  It came early, cause I ordered it early.  That way he gets a chance to play with it before it snows.  It already snowed, just not at our house.  The top of the mountain got about 6 inches.  Warm hugs out to you all that got snow this weekend.  And a big high five to my family members that ran the Chicago Marathon.  Way to go ladies!

The reviews on this Lifetime portable basketball hoop were great.  Except that people claimed complained that it took a long time to assemble.  Yep, it takes a long time to assemble.  Especially the putting the sand in the base part.  I spent an hour putting sand in and I barely got half of it in.  Other people complained that it's difficult to move.  Totally fine.  That just means it won't tip over easily.  Biker Boy is able to heft it around.  Me....not so much.

But the look on Scooter's face when it was finally put together and he got to use it.....Priceless.

Biker Boy and Scooter took the new basketball hoop for a spin or a throw or whatever.  Poor Chewy was sick in the house, laying on the couch.  She's still there right now.  I may just be rambling on because I was up with her more than half the night.  Poor thing.  I'll stick a picture of her in here, sick on the couch from Thursday.  She's pretty much like that today too.  (Manual mode on the camera, with the camera on autofocus.)

Biker Boy gave Scooter a few pointers.  Aren't they cute together?  I love their faces in the second picture below.  You can't see much of Biker Boy's face, but just his mouth expression makes me envision what the rest of his face looks like.  I love that man.  And I continue to ramble...

We were worried that Scooter wouldn't be able to shoot the ball up to the 8 foot tall hoop.  It's 8 feet at its  lowest setting.  We didn't need to worry.....that kid was able to do it. 

Yes, yes....he's using a soccer ball.   Two points if you noticed that.  He wasn't playing for "reals," as Scooter would say.  Plus the soccer ball is a little smaller and lighter, therefore easier for him to shoot up higher with. 

This kid has got quite the form.  He's got skills.  He's like Michael Jordan.  Wait, MJ doesn't play basketball anymore, right?  I'm so not with it. Who's the new basketball superstar nowadays?

I loved watching Scooter shoot the basketball soccer ball.  The way his wrist bends, how his foot flies back, how the spittle strands extend when his mouth opens, how he smiles when he gets the ball in the basket.

And yes, he got it in the basket.  Quite a few times.

The kid played with Biker Boy right up until it was time to get ready for bed.  Even though it was cold outside.  It's my turn to play this afternoon....once the homework is done.   Scooter is looking  forward to shooting some hoops with a certain cousin in the near future.  *wink, wink*

Do you have a basketball hoop?  We had one growing up.  I even played basketball in the sixth grade.  Let's just's not my sport.  I made one basket all year and only because we were already winning and everyone was shouting....."Throw it to Chrissy."  That was the beginning and end of my basketball career. 

The basketball hoop was the highlight of the weekend for Scooter.  What was your highlight?

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