Thursday, October 27, 2011

Summer Projects: Trim

I"m a little behind on this.  Okay, way behind.  Oh well.

I've got to add this on to keep track of all our summer projects.  And this one is only half complete.  We did the north and south sides of the house.  Next spring/summer we'll do the east and west sides.  Those sides have the it will be a little more work.

The trim on our house was a pre-primed pressed wood kind of stuff.  It was a sage green color.  We discovered it was never painted.  Yep, more things wrong with our "new" house.  I guess it is 4 years old now.  Oh, we painted trim.  Did you get that?  I get ahead of myself writing sometimes.

In order to prevent rotting boards....we had to put in some work.  I did help some.  Really.

Biker Boy pressure washed the boards to get off all the loose and peeling paint on the outdoor trim.

Then we primed with Kilz primer....cause we had it.  We've always liked Kilz and we're not paid to say that.  I picked up some Valspar outdoor paint in white to go over that.  We originally were going to go with a color, but once we saw the white primer....we decided to go with white.  The white balances out the white trim and doors.  It just looks nice and bright.  Plus I'm completely indecisive when it comes to deciding on a color.  So white it is.  Look how nice it looks with the white clouds.  And it looks nice with the snow that is sitting on the roof right now. snows in the southwest.  At least on our side of the mountain.

My handsome guy did a lot of the getting on the roof to paint work.  I could do it too, but he worries about me getting on the roof when I'm home alone.  Gotta love my guy. 

Oh, see those lights on the front of the house next to the garage.  They were damaged in the hail storm last year and we just got around to replacing them.  So they look different now.  Gotta love a clearance bargain!

Any last minute house projects you've been working on?  We're now on to eliminating pocket gophers.  Still. Those things are driving me nutty.

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