Tuesday, November 8, 2011

$6.40 of Fun

I went to town with 2 objectives yesterday and pretty much came up empty-handed on both.  Blah.  But I'm not going back today.

But a trip to Target yielded $6.40 of fun! 

The Halloween stuff was 90% off. Yes....Ninety Percent! 

So we stocked up on Halloween costumes for next year.  Because there is no way I can make 3 costumes for $6.40.  Yes, I said 3 costumes.  Stick with me. 

Scooter loves Star Wars.  He's never seen it, but he's fascinated with books about it from the library and anything Star Wars.  So I found a $40 Boba Fett costume for $4 for him!  He didn't even know who Boba Fett was, but that didn't matter.  The kid wore his costume until bedtime. 

So we spent the evening after dinner playing Star Wars.  (Sorry about the bad photos, I wasn't using a flash.)

Another costume I came home with was $1.  Yes.  One. Dollar.

Did you see that.....SQUIRREL!  (We like the movie "UP."  That's where the "squirrel" comes from for us.) 

The dog was humiliated to be wearing a costume of something that he should be chasing.  But he's so cute!

The costume makes a great $1 toy.  And that's what the dog preferred to do....drag it, lay on it, chew on it. You can't find a dog toy for $1.  And funnily enough, the dog costume was the cheapest and by far of the highest quality.  Go figure.

I may have to do some damage control on the squirrel costume if the Woodland Fairy is going to have a pet squirrel next Halloween.

The fairy costume was $1.40.  Chewy has been instructed that if she wants to wear it at school next year she will have to wear leggings and a shirt under it.  Chewy says she's Tinkerbell when she's wearing the costume. 

The funny thing is that I thought the tag on the costume said, "Woodland Fairy."  Only when I was showing it to Biker Boy last night did I realize it said, "Woody Fairy."  Really?  No wonder it was $1.40.  I'll refrain from the comments I made to Biker Boy, plus the giggles.  I was tired. 

So, anyone want to make bets on whether these costumes actually make it to next Halloween?  The kids are having too much fun playing dress up. 

Have you found any great after holiday deals?  I'm stoked about my 74 cent bags of candy corns to make hundreds of turkey cookies. 

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