Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Tree 2011

I know, it still seems early to be thinking about Christmas.  We've got to get through Thanksgiving first.

But we've had our tree since November 4 and I thought I'd share it and our past trees with you.

Yes, I said November 4.  Chewy had a preschool field trip 40 minutes from where we live and it was near our favorite nursery where we got our Christmas tree last year.  So we took a trip to the nursery and were pleasantly surprised to find they had 9 Ponderosa trees to pick from.

So I picked one.  The one right in the middle of the pack of trees.  The poor nursery worker had to move 3 trees to get at the one I wanted.  And they're heavy.  I know....I hoisted this baby out of the back of our van and then had to vacuum up a bunch of dirt.

Ever since we've moved into this house we have bought potted Christmas trees that we plant in the spring.  We're blessed to have just over 2 lovely high desert acres with plenty of room to plant trees.  It's keeping the trees alive that is the problem. 

Let's tour the past trees, since I haven't ever done that.

2007: Austrian Pine
That lovely little bush looking tree is still alive.  It just hasn't grown much.

2008:  Austrian Pine
It's still alive.  It's doing well.  And just like the other Austrian Pine, it hasn't grown much.  But it's alive.

2009: Baby Blue Spruce
It died this spring.  It had a rough start in the spring of 2010 and it never recovered from our super cold February 2011.  We dug it out this spring and transplanted an aspen into its place.  No more baby blue spruces for much baby sitting.

2010: Ponderosa Pine
We love Ponderosas.  They're beautiful pine trees, native to this area, and get lovely huge pinecones when they are mature.  We'll probably keep getting these if we can.  The 2010 tree was planted in the spring and is still thriving.

You can see in the background of the picture below that we have one huge native Ponderosa on our property.  It's a gorgeous tree.  It's much more impressive in real life. (To the left of the baby 2010 Ponderosa in the back of the photo).

And because the kids and I took an adventure around the property the other day I took a few photos of the native Ponderosa.  It's our hope that years and years from now the future owners of this property will be able to enjoy huge Ponderosas that were once our Christmas trees. 

What are your Christmas tree plans for this year?  Potted, real, fake or something else?

I have to say....keeping 3 out of 4 planted trees alive is a pretty good ratio for us.  Our warm up our shower in the master bath we run the water out of the tub into a bucket...then later we hike out and dump that water on the newest planted tree.  Plus we use water from our water barrels.

Have an awesome week! 

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