Friday, November 18, 2011

Real Life Progression

Okay…these are not pretty pictures coming up.  They are unedited, unstaged, uneverything.  They’re just real life happening here.  Slowly.  Like I’ve said before, “It’s a work in progress.”

Let’s see the slow progression of our living room wall.  It’s a slow work in progress.

Here it is after we moved in.  Hand me down everything.  Hand me down stuff isn’t bad.  We love it.  We have a lot of it.  It’s just finding a way to make it yours or using it till you find something else.  The chair eventually got replaced by my beloved IKEA furniture.  Funny how the black entertainment center was never our favorite, it was probably one of our least favorite pieces of furniture because we’re not big on dark things.  But it was always “good enough” and we were thankful to have it.

1-2-10 Old Couches2

Moving on to the beginning of 2010.  Buh-bye old chair and hello new IKEA Tullsta chairs.
4-21-10 (1)

Six months later I moved a chair.  And the fish got booted to Scooter’s room.  Because of his allergies and asthma we had to keep his room pet free while his bed was on the floor.  So he got the fish.  But now that he has a loft, the pets can come in, though they rarely do because they were so used to not being in there. 

10-10-10 Living Room Wall (2)

Then I got the inkling to move our computer desk out of our “office/guest room” and into the living room.  We had planned on doing that anyway as the kids got older.  We want to be able to view the computer and TV and what is on them at all times from our main living area.  Plus we hated intruding on guests to use the computer.  And yes….seeing all those hanging cords drove me nutso.  But I lived it with for awhile.  And don’t you love the pile of laundry?  The Tullsta chairs are still good for that to this day.

10-10-10 Living Room Wall (4)

I ended up moving the Tullsta chair and plopping blue painter’s tape on the floor to mock up what I would like for a new built in media center.  That was a year ago people.  I had blue painter’s tape on my floor for a year.  Yes, A YEAR!  I’m sure some of you have seen it.  I got so use to the blue tape I almost forgot it was there.

11-12-11 Living Room Wall (1)

And you know what?  Blue painter’s tape really sticks to a tile floor after being on it for a year.  Luckily I had some eager helpers.  They’ll do anything happily for a chore sticker. 

11-12-11 Peeling Tape (2)

We got a new TV the other day.  Yes, we’re finally moving up in the technological world.  Buh-bye big CRT TV and hello new big flat screen TV.  The TV wouldn’t fit in the black entertainment center.  Bummer.  (Not really.)  So we moved that beast of a heavy thing out of the way.  We put it up for free on Craigslist and hopefully someone is coming to get it tomorrow.  And you wouldn’t believe the number of dust bunnies that were multiplying behind that thing.  Those were some frisky dust bunnies.  Hence the vacuum that you see in photos.  Otherwise I don’t vacuum that often.  Unless guests are coming.  Think I’m kidding?

11-12-11 Living Room Wall (2)

We put the new TV on our old coffee table.  It’s a hand-me down table and I really love it.  My grandparents had it and then my parents and then my hubby and I.  I always try to find a place for it.  Scooter thinks it’s the best car driving table.  We put some books to good use to push the TV up to cover the cords.  Nice.

11-12-11 Living Room Wall (3)

Now we’ve got what I call “The Bachelor Pad” look going on.  Biker Boy drew up an initial design in his engineering program of what we would like to build.  I’ve priced out everything from IKEA, Pottery Barn, and other stores of prebuilt desks and cabinets.  It’s far cheaper for us to buy some kitchen cabinets and build our own desk and shelves.  So I’ve been going to ReStore and thrift stores and browsing Craigslist for kitchen cabinets.  No such luck.  Striking out everywhere.  How do some people get so lucky finding just what they want for so little?  The used cabinets I have found are super old, super warped, and super expensive.  So it may be awhile till we get something built there.

11-12-11 Living Room Wall (4)

And you know what else…we’re probably returning the TV. It sucks.  Make that a Sucks with a capital S.  The audio gets ahead of the video both on DVDs and on the regular TV.  We contacted the manufacturer and they gave us directions on how to reset the TV and we’ll try that this weekend.  Even if it does work, the audio is horrible.  The sound just sounds awful compared to our one other TV.  Curious George just sounds wrong.  (He’s on right now…did you know I love George?)  Luckily we can return it and if we can't get the audio to work we will return it after the Thanksgiving rush.  Thankfully with all these wonderful pre-Thanksgiving sales we found another TV we might get.  But we’re not huge TV people, so no biggie if we don’t get another one right away. 

Someday….someday…I’ll have this wall prettied up and organized. But it’s good enough for now.  I would just love some concealed storage to hide away all that stuff.  And yes…that’s a pile of VHS tapes under the table.  We inherited them from a coworker of my husband’s.  She was replacing all her Disney VHS tapes with DVDs.  And yes, we still have a VCR.  We’re slow on the technology uptake.  We don’t even have a blu-ray, we use a PS2 for our DVD player most of the time though we did just get a cheap DVD player. They’ll probably have something new out by the time we get a blu-ray.  But hey…we have more than others and we’re thankful for what we do have.

What’s your real-life?  A work in progress too?  Or all prettied up? Any TV recommendations?  I wouldn’t recommend what we have, though it was cheap.  Enjoy your weekend!

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