Friday, November 11, 2011

Point and Shoot Portraits: Use the Window Baby

Another quickie for you to get quickie portraits of your little ones.  You can see my previous post about using auto mode on digital cameras to get portraits here. 

And yep...these photos were taken before I knew anything about photography.  My casio exilim point and shoot digital camera was on auto.  I pointed the camera, focused, and took the photo.  Super easy.  And these photos were not touched up in an editing program.  They are straight out of the camera.

Go find yourself a nice bright window.  But you don't want sunlight streaming through it.  You just want lots of glorious shaded or filtered light.  North facing windows work wonderfully, but so do windows where you have an overhang or something shading the window.  Just try and see what you get.  Turn off all artificial lights and don't use the flash.

Case in point:  My patio french doors.  They face south and get lots of light.  We have a porch overhang just outside the windows on the door.  My....that's one dirty window.  Oh well.

See my little Chewy looking out the window at her big brother.  The cute thing was just turning 1 then and I thought I would get some one-year-old portraits. 

Set up your background.  My background?  A white fleece blanket draped over a playpen.  In the above photo the playpen would be to the right of the baby.  Look closely at my "portrait" of Chewy and you'll notice where the blanket meets the blue and white rug on the floor.  (Lower left of photo).  You could use a darker color blanket to get more darkness in the background if you just want the face to glow.

Get your angle.  Have the little one look out the window at something.  Scooter was a good distraction to get Chewy smiling.  The light made Chewy's face glow while the rest of the picture was dark. 

Remember to focus on the eye closet to you.  Then take a bunch of photos and pick out your favorite.  My little one didn't even know I was taking photos of her because she was laughing at her brother making faces at her.

Have fun.  And remember that sometimes it just doesn't work out.  You'll still get a memory frozen in time, maybe just not the one you expected.  But it's still a precious memory.  Sometimes you'll get this:

And sometimes, just sometimes you'll get a shot you can share with family:

How do you point and shoot?  Have an awesome weekend!

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