Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Quick Halloween Recap

Crazy, crazy day on Halloween.

1 preschool performance and party, 1 first grade party, 1 birthday party for a boy who turned 7, 1 round of trick or treating, and 1 trick or treater at our house.  By the time the day was over it felt like Tuesday and not Monday.

Scooter was Optimus Prime.  If you couldn't tell.

And please don't tell Chewy she's a pretty princess.  She'll remind you that she's a queen.

Hard to believe my boy turned 7.  He's my little trick or treat. 

Any idea who this is?  Yep, I carved that into a pumpkin.  Do you believe it?

The kids trick or treated at 6 houses in our neighborhood and came away with enough candy that it looked like they had been to 30 houses.  We had one brave trick or treater venture down our drive way....and I rewarded him for it.  Big smiles to the neighbor who gave me a full sized Snickers bar for driving the kids around.  Yes....we drive the kids around....almost everyone in the neighborhood does that.  

I'm crazily trying to work on photos for family to upload of the birthday boy and the festivities of that day.  Watch your inbox for an email in the next few days. 

How was your Halloween?


  1. Cute! How did you do the pumpkin?

  2. I used a template from Better Homes and Gardens. I went to and searched dog pumpkin. It was pretty easy, but took some time.


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