Friday, December 9, 2011

2011 Christmas Decorations and Snow

The decorations are up.  It doesn’t take much around here.  We have 2 storage totes full of Christmas stuff that we keep in the garage and that’s it.  That’s all we can fit.  Storage is at a premium here and if we have to store it for 11 months, then it doesn’t get much room.  If something new comes in, something old has got to go out.  Or something new has to go out or find someplace else to call home (or someplace else in our home to reside).  And look at the poor little birdie below….he can’t get to his food.  We eventually did go out and take the snow out of the feeder and give the birds some fresh seed.  Okay, that was something totally random and out of nowhere.  Moving on with the Christmas décor.  But isn’t he a cute little birdie?

12-5-11 December  Snow (5)

I’d love new Christmas décor or a scheme every year, but I’m happy with the simple things and love what we have.  I love our potted Christmas tree and the red ribbons the kids put on it.  Biker Boy put green LED lights on it this year.  (Hooray for after Christmas sales!  We’ve been able to replace all our broken and nonworking light strings with LEDs the past few years.)

12-1-11 Christmas Decor (2)

I love letting the kids pick ornaments out of the ornament box to put in their rooms.  Scooter hangs them on a mini fake tree we’ve had ever since Biker Boy and I got married.  Chewy hangs them on her canopy bed.  Biker Boy strung another string of green LED lights on her bed while Scooter has candy cane lights on his tree.  No pictures, sorry.  I haven’t taken any and Chewy is napping right now.  You do not want to disturb that child while she is napping.  And I’ll take the few free moments I get when she naps.

The burlap stockings I made a couple of years ago are hung up in our entry way.  We usually hang kid art on these clips, but now the stockings have taken over.  I hung some ornaments from our closet light on the tree branches.  Yep…the closet light is no more.  We have a new spanking LED light in there.  It’s like awesome like awesome sauce.  Moving on….  Then we put some ribbon from the ribbon stash around the vase and Bible for color.  And that folks is the extent of our holiday décor.  Pretty simple. 

12-1-11 Christmas Decor (8)12-1-11 Christmas Decor (9)12-1-11 Christmas Decor (10)

Oh…outdoor lights.  I love me some colorful outdoor lights.  It’s not as fancy schmancy as white lights, but it’s colorful and we like colorful.  We have green lights on our fence and no picture of that.  There are colored lights on our big juniper that we can see out our picture window and that people driving by can see if they happen to look down our steep driveway.  Or maybe it’s just us that looks down our steep driveway as we’re driving down it to get to the house.  It took me way too many tries to get up it on Wednesday when there was snow on it.  And no chains since we broke one.  Bummer, but I made it with my heart beating around 200 beats per minute.  Moving on…..

12-1-11 Christmas Decor (4)

We also have a lovely LED star hanging on our picture window.  Biker Boy likes anything LED.  He works with LEDs.  I cannot tell you how many times we stop in the flashlight aisles of different stores.  The guy loves his lights.  He can recommend a really good headlight for night biking or skiing (at a great price) if anyone is interested.  And he doesn’t get any commission on it. 

12-1-11 Christmas Decor (7)

Moving on…..the best part of Christmas décor is the stuff Mother Nature throws at us.  There’s something to be said for the way God decorates, it’s the best.  We had a lovely snow here this past week and it was gorgeous.  I’ll throw in a few photos, though I’m not going to touch them up any.  So here’s hoping I took them okay with the camera.  From my bedroom window.  I didn’t venture out to take these.  Yes, you have permission to call me a wuss.  And yes, people, even though we live in the southwest and in the high desert….it still snows.  And it still gets cold.  It just doesn’t last long.

12-5-11 December  Snow (2)12-5-11 December  Snow (10)12-5-11 December  Snow (13)12-5-11 December  Snow (20)12-5-11 December  Snow (23)

Do you decorate for Christmas?  What do you do?

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