Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another Snow Day

We got another snow storm yesterday.  It’s our third one in three weeks. 

12-19-11 Snow (10)

Luckily it was our first day of Christmas break yesterday, so there was no school.  The kids have already missed three days of school due to snow, so we don’t need to add on to that tally….especially since they need to make up the days at the end of the year.

12-19-11 Snow (8)

The bummer was that I had one kid throwing up and the other not feeling well.  So it was a quiet day in the house. I literally snapped about 200 pictures of the birds feeding at the feeder.  They were going nuts for the seeds and nuts.  I did end up deleting a bunch.  It was just hard to decide which ones to throw out.

12-19-11 Birds in Snow (7)12-19-11 Birds in Snow (23)12-19-11 Birds in Snow (29)

Biker Boy spent the evening on the tractor plowing the driveway.  He had to use his chains to get up the driveway this morning.  I have no plans to go anywhere.  The sun is peeking out, the kids are feeling better, and the snow is calling us to come and play.  And I probably won’t get Christmas cards done this year.  Sorry people, I’m going to play with my kids.  I think today is calling for a snowman of epic proportions.

12-19-11 Greta's sunflower (3)

We hope you are having a stress free and joyful week as Christmas approaches.  Make sure to enjoy every little moment.  Even the snowstorms.  What are you up to today?

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