Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Bachelor Pad Television

You know you want more messy house photos, right?  Cause you’re going to kind of get them.  Everything is out of whack here with the TV returning and getting.  But that’s okay. 

You might recall that we went all modern and got a big flat screen TV (find the story here).  We went from a 27 inch CRT TV to a 46 inch flat screen LED LCD.

11-12-11 Living Room Wall (4)

Then we returned it.  All the bad reviews on it were true.  People just weren’t making it up.  It had awful sound, the video didn’t keep up with the audio, and it didn’t scale right for a full-screened sized movie on a DVD.  (It was a Westinghouse, in case you’re wondering.)  The TV was a good deal and it had great color, but everything else was awful.  It wasn’t a good enough deal to keep it, so we returned it.  We’ve been using “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” to gauge the different TVs we’re trying and the four kids just looked puffy on the Westinghouse because it wouldn’t accommodate the size.  It looked like they had been eating a few too many Turkish delights.  (And yes, we tried each and every setting in the menu to change size and it didn’t work). 

We brought out our smaller LED/LCD Vizio from the guest/treadmill room to use in the mean time.  Would you believe that was our first flat screen TV and we haven’t even had it a year?  Totally true.  We’re not quick on the technology stuff. And I like a TV to watch while I’m exercising on the treadmill and trainer, so that’s why we have 2 TVs.  It gets boring running and going nowhere when the scenery doesn’t change.

We thought we would get another Vizio from Costco because we were happy with that one.  The LED ones were really expensive, so we were just looking at a regular LCD one. But it wasn’t on sale, so we thought we would just wait and see what deals came up.

We didn’t have to wait as long as we thought.  Biker Boy went swimming the other night in town (you know, we met on the college swim team) and thought he would look at a few stores in town.  I got a call that he found a good deal and should he get it.  I agreed and luckily the guy had brought the van, cause it’s a huge honking TV. 

11-30-11 Living Room Wall (1)

It’s a Toshiba 55 inch LCD TV.  Yes, I said 55 inch.  That was way bigger than what we thought we would get, but it didn’t cost anymore than a 40 or 46 inch TV.  It was a floor model at Best Buy, so we got a stellar deal (really, really good deal!).  At first we weren’t impressed with the coloring.  Lucy (from the Chronicles of Narnia) looked sunburned and the colors just didn’t pop.  But after playing with the settings for a bit, we think we like it.  And I wasn’t use to how everything looks so real and lifelike.  But so far, we’re happy and thinking we’re going to keep it.  It’s our big family Christmas present.  The kids say it looks like a movie theater, so we should have some fun family movie nights. 

12-1-11 Living Room Wall

I’m happy to report that George looks great on the new TV and sounds wonderful.  Chewy even said, “He sounds better on this TV than on the other one.”  Now if we can just get a sale on the parts we want to use to build our media center, we’ll be on a roll.  Give us a year or two. 

What are your TV buying experiences?  And how do you get rid of a CRT?  We might have to pay to get rid of it! 

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