Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Crafting With Kids

My munchkins and I tried a new Christmas craft last week. It was an epic fail. While we had fun making the dough, playing with the dough, and just being messy…..the dough didn’t set up as we expected and is still drying. And we live in a dry environment so it should dry fast. Maybe if we put it in the oven?

Or maybe it’s all the snow we’ve been getting? We had a snowstorm on Monday and our fourth one of the season is expected today. We’ve been mostly housebound this week, except for yesterday. We had to make a donut run while we could get up the driveway. You know…celebrate the small things!

So if you’re housebound and looking for ways to entertain the bored children on Christmas break, I’ve rounded up some more successful crafts I’ve done with my children that you can attempt yourself or with the young ones in your life. Just click on the title to take you to the post with the details of what to do.

Have Fun!

Christmas Angel Ornaments

Applesauce & Cinnamon Ornaments

See one in the above photo, behind the angel.

Sun Catchers

Cornstarch Clay

Easy Chocolate Pretzels

Thrifty Household Activities

Check out the Thrifty Household Activities post if you’re at a loss for what to do with the kids. It’s a list of things you may have around the house and what you can have the kids do with them.

Any other favorite Christmas crafting that you’ve done? Or that you’ve done with some young ones? What have you made or would like to make?

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