Monday, December 19, 2011

DIY Barbie Clothes

Yes.  Homemade Barbie clothes.  Call me Crazy.  CRAZY!

You see….every year at Christmas I try to make a homemade gift for each one of my darling children.  That’s two kids.  Two gifts.

I started early on Chewy’s.  With Chewy.  And it’s been fun.  Really, I’m not being sarcastic about the fun part.  We have been having a blast together.

I got her a special occasions doll dress making kit.  It’s for designing and making Barbie clothes.  It comes with a sketch book, pins, needles, fabric, embellishments, and all sorts of goodies.  It was cheaper than me buying a bunch of fabric and stuff to sew dresses.  Plus I got a good deal on it.  I let Chewy open it early so that we could get to making the Barbie clothes.  This was cheaper than buying Barbie clothes, but whoa….it takes time.

12-7-11 Making Barbie Clothes (9)

Chewy loves to draw the dresses and color them in the sketch book.  She’s in charge of picking out fabrics and embellishments.  I’m in charge of trying to execute her design.  And that’s what I do execute.  As in….I pretty much kill her design and hope for the best.  Sometimes I get lucky and other times it’s good enough. 

12-7-11 Making Barbie Clothes (12)

I started easy.  With a simple dress from Craftiness Is Not Optional.  Check out all her Barbie Clothes Tutorials.  That woman is insanely talented.  Call me a wee bit jealous and green.  She’s got some serious skills, but is able to break it down for us less talented sewing people.  As in I have no sewing talent and had no idea what a dart was, but I soon found out from her handy photos!  That woman is amazing!

Yes, I sewed these with my machine and did the smaller things by hand.  Let’s just say that my sewing machine and I had some serious talks.  I found out that yelling at it didn’t make it work any better and sweet talking it didn’t make it work any better either.  I apparently was gritting my teeth a lot while sewing and now it seems to be a habit.  My jaw is a little sore.  I wonder if I burned any extra calories off from sewing….I have been eating  a lot of chocolate pretzels.  You need chocolate when you sew.  It’s required.

Okay…..Here’s my first dress from that simple dress pattern.  Not too shabby.  Don’t you love the material and ribbon Chewy picked out?  That material is left over from the key chains I made for gifts.

12-7-11 Making Barbie Clothes (4)
12-7-11 Making Barbie Clothes (3)

Then I got brave and on my own decided to replicate my wedding dress.  I love my wedding dress.  I wore it nearly 13 and a half years ago.  I still love that thing.  I still have the shoes too.

wedding 002

Here’s my replica.  The band around the chest is a little more sparkly than my real dress, but not too shabby for my second Barbie sewing attempt. 

12-7-11 Making Barbie Clothes (2)

And then I did some more dresses.  Just ignore Barbie and Ariel’s hair.  You know…bad hair day.  Or bad hair stylist.  Or bad seamstress.  At least she’s smiling!

12-7-11 Making Barbie Clothes (6)12-7-11 Making Barbie Clothes (7)12-7-11 Making Barbie Clothes (11)

I even attempted some “skating and ballet outfits.”  That’s what Chewy requested.  These were from my very own pattern.  Let me know if you want it…I can maybe finagle a tutorial with a pattern.  The one on the left has an attached skirt.  The one on the right has a removable tutu made with elastic.  The green hair ribbon is optional, but oh so fashionable. Don’t ya think?

12-7-11 Making Barbie Clothes (8)12-19-11 More Barbie clothes (2)

After the one shoulder outfits I decided Barbie needed to be covered up a little more.  I attempted a halter dress or something with straps over the shoulders.  I’m not much with fashion terms.  This one is the only dress, besides the wedding dress, that was of my own design.  Chewy left me to go take a nap.  My other child was sick in bed napping, so I sewed a dress. 

12-19-11 More Barbie clothes (3)12-19-11 More Barbie clothes (4)

I even attempted dresses for a miniature like Barbie doll.  She’s teeny.  With teeny dresses.  She came with some pretty cheap dresses that pretty much fell apart instantly.  Mine have lasted a little longer than instantly.  We shall see how long they last.  Can you tell which little dress matches an adult dress?  Yep…matching dresses.  And yes, the last dress has a see through skirt.  I tried to persuade Chewy to put material under it, but that wasn’t in her design.  At least it’s just a doll.

12-7-11 Making Barbie Clothes (5)12-7-11 Making Barbie Clothes (13)12-7-11 Making Barbie Clothes (14)12-19-11 More Barbie clothes (1)

All this dress making nonsense made a serious mess in my room for a couple of weeks.  I’m suppose to be cleaning up the mess now, but instead I’m writing this post. 

12-7-11 Making Barbie Clothes (1)12-7-11 Making Barbie Clothes (15)

The mess was worth it.  Chewy and I had the best time.  Nearly everyday she was saying, “Can we go make Barbie clothes?”  Chewy did get to cut her own fabric and ribbons for her own creations.  They’re held together by tape and have been remade a dozen times.  She’s so cute.  I really enjoyed the time we spent together doing this.  Maybe another time we’ll break out stuff to make more Barbie clothes.  But for now I need a break and have to plan what my little man and I are going to make him for his Christmas gift.

So spill it….have you attempted Barbie clothes?  What other homemade gifts have you made?


  1. Wow! Those are pretty well done!

  2. That's awesome! I am still trying to convince my mom that I can use a sewing machine.. But oh well. I've only poked myself a bazillion times making Barbie clothes with a needle and thread. ;)

    1. Ouch! I've started giving my daughter basic lessons on the sewing machine. She loves it because she pokes her fingers a lot less! Hope you're able to convince your mom you can use a sewing machine! :) Thanks for commenting!

  3. Omg, I bought the EXACT same set!


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