Thursday, December 15, 2011

Munching the Holiday Treats

Isn’t food great?  We’re so blessed to have an abundance of it and to be able to get a variety of types of food.

Food can be simple or difficult.  It can be easy or hard.  It can be quick or long lasting.  I guess it can even be really good or really bad.  Food is wonderful.

We’re in the midst of holiday yummies here.

Today I had to take a finger food and a treat to Chewy’s preschool party. 

These aren’t the best pictures cause I took them this morning before we left, but I’ve already written posts on these before with step-by-step directions to make your own.  Just clicky on the linky.  I mean just click on the title and that will take you to the original post.

Stuffed Penguins

12-15-11 Preschool Party Food (3)

Hee, hee…is it only me that laughs?  And it makes me wonder….what do penguins taste like?

12-15-11 Preschool Party Food (2)

These are your basic black olive penguins stuffed with a ranch flavored cream cheese.  And yes, everyone comments, “Those look like a lot of work.”  I mean EVERYONE!  And yes, they are a lot of work.  I won’t lie.  But Grandma made these for the kids and Chewy has the most wonderful memory and she requested these for her party.  I couldn’t refuse.  They’re cute.  And fun.  And tasty.  And yes….they take awhile to make.  Maybe 30 minutes for 40 some little penguins.  I guess that’s not as long as baklava.

Super Easy Chocolate Pretzels

12-15-11 Preschool Party Food (1)

There aren’t enough adjectives in my vocabulary to describe how absolutely delicious these things are.  They are just the right amount of sweet, salty, and crunchy to satisfy any sweet and salty craving you may have.  And they’re so tiny and bite-sized that you just might eat too many of them.  I have no idea where all our left over pretzels went.  Biker Boy?  Plus these things are quick and easy to make.  Especially if you get the kids to peel the chocolates.  Can you tell that I made the pretzels this time and not the kids?  50 points if can tell that I made these pretzels and not the kids.  Negative 50 points if you think the kids made them.  Yes, I can be mean.  But I’m mostly nice.  I only pretend to be mean.  I really won’t take away any of your fake points.

Up next week….peanut butter bonbons and maybe cookie dough bonbons.  Biker Boy has requested peanut butter bonbons and I won’t deny the love of my life a requested sweet treat.  Hey mom….I’ll do the bonbons.  Will you do the fudge?  Will there be any Christmas cookies left over?  I might even do some salted caramels.  We’ll see how the time goes. 

What are your favorite holiday treats to eat or make?  What’s on your food list this year?

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