Monday, December 12, 2011

Photo Challenge: Furry Faces

It's Ranger Danger again!  That little pup wiggles his way onto my blog a lot. 

Today I'm putting my furry little guy up for the I Heart Faces Photo Challenge of Furry Faces.

My little furry face has that adorable pink nose.  And his yucky runny eyes.  But they are clean now since Biker Boy gave him a bath last night.  Except I hate wet dog smell.  He smells yucky until he dries and then he's a tropical scented little ball of fluff.  For 2 minutes, until he goes out in the snow again.  Oh well.

I'm entering a photo of my energetic white ball of fur from this post.  I love his pink nose, the serious look he has as he's trying not to get hit by the balls the kids are playing with, and I love how his yellow/brownish/greenish eye color came out.  Plus I love that I happened to catch his collar with his name, to be honest that was purely an accident....I didn't notice it until later. Here's the photo again:

It's so hard to pick a favorite photo of a pet.  Do you have a favorite of yours?

Thank you to everyone for stopping by!  I'm so glad you did whether this is your first visit or your 100th (Hi mom and dad!).  Have a great week!

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