Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Point and Shoot Portraits: Past Christmas Photos

I have always taken photos of my children for Christmas.  I send them out to family and keep them on a page in a scrapbook for my kids.

From 2004-2010, I went through 3 different fairly cheap point and shoot cameras to take these photos.

The first few years I didn’t even have editing software to touch up the photos.  The most I managed to do was write Merry Christmas with the year and the kid’s names.

I’m going to share all those past Christmas photos with you.  Minus the text.  You’ll be able to see my slow progression in photography.  I still have to take our 2011 photo, but the light and timing aren’t cooperating with me.  Maybe today I can do it if school is cancelled again!  It’s only a 2 hour delay, so far.

2004:  Scooter was not even 2 months old.  I set up a white sheet against some chairs with a window in the background.  Not exactly the best set-up, you could see the light through the sheet and all the wrinkles in it.  I used a heavy weight to brace the Christmas box and padded it up with blankets.  The baby was completely safe.  Then there was tissue paper and I shot about 50 photos.  This is the one I picked to add the text to.

Christmas Photo76

2005:  This was quick and dirty.  I used the duvet off our master bed and set up against some chairs.  This was done towards evening, so the light wasn’t great.  Scooter didn’t quite fit in the Christmas box anymore, but I used it to show how big he had grown.  And I threw in some Christmas bows I had laying around.  There’s nothing like cheap props.  And I only took about 10 shots. 

12-5-05 Christmas Picture2

2006:  Okay, so this wasn’t one I took on my own.  We took a cruise right before Christmas and had a photo of Scooter taken on the boat.  He was so cute, minus the chapped red face.  I was nearly 6 months pregnant at the time with Chewy, so she didn’t make the photo.  The photo was taken on seamless white paper, at night, with a couple of soft lights.  It turned out okay and cost way too much, but the kid was cute!

hanschristmas 001

2007: A new addition to the photos.  Chewy!  Scooter was three in this photo and Chewy was 9 months old.  I tried taking photos of them at 2 different times in the dining room of our new house.  There was no posing involved, I just put out different Christmas things and even set Chewy in a box at one point.  (I like the boxes apparently!)  I got three different shots I like and snapped maybe 30 photos.  I boxed out their names for posting on the web, so that would be the red boxes.


2008:  There was no setting up for Christmas shots for the kids this year.  I ran out of time, but found 2 photos I had taken of the kids that I liked.  The first was from one of the snowstorms we had.  The kids are sitting on a sled outside in our yard.  The other one was one I took of the kids playing in a blanket on the floor in my room. 

Christmas PictureChristmas Picture2

2009:  These are probably still my favorites to this day.  I had just gotten Photoshop Elements 8 and was trying to learn it.  I did touch up the backgrounds of these photos and boosted the colors, that’s about it.  I took the photos using that blanket from 2008 as a backdrop against the dresser in the master bedroom.  I took these at about 10am when the sun was shining through the windows in the bedroom.  I diffused the sunlight with the cellular shades.  See the light from the window in their eyes?  The outfits were what my kids wore at my sister’s wedding celebration a couple of months before.  Too darn cute!

12-16-09 Christmas Picture10tu12-16-09 Christmas Picture21tu

2010:  Same set-up at 2009.  This photo was taken around my birthday in November.  I used it for Christmas because I ran out of time to do a typical “Christmas shot.”  I like it well enough.  I did the same touching-up to this photo as I did the previous year.

11-6-10 Family Photo Session (28)TU

2011:  Still to come.  I better get in gear!  Or else I will have to rifle through my hard drive and pick one taken recently!

Do you do Christmas family or kid photos?  Any memorable ones?


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