Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thrifty Homemade Gifts for Teachers

It’s fun to give gifts at Christmas time.  It’s also fun to make them…..sometimes.  Unless it’s just a pain or you don’t have the time.

But we planned ahead this year and made Christmas gifts for the many teachers in our children’s lives.  Maybe I need to change the we to I.  I made these.  The kids just picked out the items and Biker Boy would never attempt this.

After counting everyone up….we needed 11 gifts.  That’s school teachers, preschool teachers, Sunday school teachers, bus drivers, children’s pastors, and the likes.  11 gifts can add up. 

Those special 11 people will be getting personalized key chains this year.  Plus a few of them will be getting other random purchased things that will be useful to them. 

I made cloth wrist bands and attached key chains with hand stamped names and charms.  Whew. 

12-8-11 Teacher gifts (1)

If you want awesome directions on how to make the Fashionable Fabric Key Chains you’ll need to check out this post at The Idea Room.  That’s what I used.  Except I couldn’t find purse strap clips, so I just used half circle or D-rings.  And a split ring.

Making the Fabric Keychain

I got a fabric set at Hobby Lobby for $4.99, but with a 40% off coupon.  And I only used half the fabric.  I got the D-rings at Jo-Ann and they were on sale for $1.49 for packs of 2.  I bought 5 packs.  But wait….it gets better.  When I walked in the store they gave me a $5 gift card to use that day because it was a grand reopening.  I had no idea, but made out well!  The split rings were a pack of 10 on sale for 77 cents.  I got ribbon at 50% off at Hobby Lobby too.  Just follow the lovely tutorial from The Idea Room to make the key chains. 

12-8-11 Teacher gifts (2)

Making the Hand Stamped Pieces

This just keeps getting better and better.  I bought the silver colored blank stamps at 50% off of 1.99.  Each package had 6 stamping blanks in it and I bought 2 sets.  I bought the letter stamping set with a 40% off coupon.  They are normally $19.99.  I also got 4 charms at Hobby Lobby for 74 cents each, cause they were 50% off.  I got a set of 6 school charms from this store on Etsy for $1.50 plus shipping.  Super cute.  I stamped the teachers’ names into a blank stamp that the kids picked out.  Then I put it on a jump ring (77cents at Jo-Anns) with a charm.  The kids picked out which charms to give to their teachers.  I put the jump ring on a split ring and slipped it on the D-ring.  Wah-lah….a handmade item for those special teachers.

12-8-11 Teacher gifts (3)

After adding up all the money I spent, plus the money I saved with coupons and gift cards….I spent around $26.  Actually less if you count that I only used half the fabric.  That’s about $2.60 per keychain, cause I only made 10 fabric ones.  Those are for the 10 ladies.  There’s one guy who’ll be getting a hand stamped nametag and charm on a manly clip thing.  The fabric key chains are more girly.  And they’re red so you can locate them in a big purse.  Cause I can never find my keys in my purse. 

What do you give for gifts when you have a around a dozen people to give them too?  I think I’ll need ideas for next year.   


  1. Great idea! I might have to try some of these with my big stash of fabric remnants. Thanks!

  2. These are adorable! How cute that you managed to get the little charms like a school bus! Love the idea..thank you so much for sharing!


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