Friday, December 2, 2011

Zoo Happenings

Do you like to go to the zoo?

We love to go to the zoo.  So much so that we have a membership to our local zoo.  It’s a good deal.  We get into our zoo, aquarium, and botanical gardens for free with our paid membership.  We also get some free visitor passes.  And our membership gets us free visits or discounted rates to zoos across the country, if we happen to visit them.

It’s a 30 minute drive to the zoo, aquarium, or botanical gardens for us.  We visit one of them about once a month.

Right before Thanksgiving we visited the zoo.  We also went to the aquarium the day after Thanksgiving, rather than messing with the crowds at the stores.

It was a chilly day when we went to the zoo.  Want to come along with me?  At least you can do it from the comfort of a climate controlled room (hopefully).  No zoo here today, it's a snow day.

11-21-11 Zoo (57)

The kids were excited to go to the zoo.  They are most of the time.

11-21-11 Zoo (182)

We started with the flamingos.  You can’t miss them.  They’re right inside of the entrance.  And they’re bright pink from all the additives in their food.  The additives make them pretty.  Pretty in pink.  Can additives make me pretty too?
11-21-11 Zoo (1)11-21-11 Zoo (2)

The gorillas were next.  They were pretty much only interested in their food.  One time we saw them when the sprinklers were on in their enclosure. Funny!

11-21-11 Zoo (4)11-21-11 Zoo (7)

Then came the orangutans.  The baby stole the show.  He always does.  He’s like a normal kid.  Messy.  Throws his clothes around and is just darn cute.  Plus he likes popcorn.  Me too.

11-21-11 Zoo (14)11-21-11 Zoo (15)

Birds.  They’re just parakeets.  You can see them in a pet store too.  But these ones fly all around you.  Just be careful if you happen to be under one at a certain time.

11-21-11 Zoo (47)

Koalas. Cute.  This one just ate.  And ate.  And ate.  And ate.  Kinda like what I do at holiday time.

11-21-11 Zoo (50)

Rhino.  Just saying “rhino” about covers it all.

11-21-11 Zoo (82)

Zebras.  Or zebra butts.  I had some pictures with just zebra butts, but I deleted them.  It’s really not their better half.  And yes, I’m saying butt.  I say “behind” around my kids, but I’m thinking “butt.”  Cause really….I say “but” a lot in normal language and now I’m just adding another t.  Butt.  And that is how my brain works sometimes.

11-21-11 Zoo (85)11-21-11 Zoo (91)11-21-11 Zoo (99)

Cheetahs.  It was  bath time.

11-21-11 Zoo (67)

Giraffes.  There was a new baby, but he/she didn’t want to turn around for me.

11-21-11 Zoo (116)11-21-11 Zoo (117)

Elephants.  Did you ever notice how long of eyelashes they have?  Jeepers.  I like the zoom lens on my new camera.

11-21-11 Zoo (124)

Peacocks.  They were everywhere at the zoo.  You’d turn around and there would be another free zoo roaming peacock.  Watch out…they bite.
11-21-11 Zoo (8)11-21-11 Zoo (20)11-21-11 Zoo (132)11-21-11 Zoo (133)

Ducks.  This is like the biggest attraction at the zoo for my kids and it’s just common ducks.  We always have to remember to bring some bread to feed to the ducks.  And these things will swarm you if you’re the only one with food.  Watch out for the biting peacocks. And no, Scooter didn’t get bit. Or Chewy.

11-21-11 Zoo (151)11-21-11 Zoo (153)11-21-11 Zoo (156)11-21-11 Zoo (165)

Seals and Sea Lions.  I once swam on a swim team called the “Sea Lions.” Just some random info for you.  They were soaking up the sun because it was chilly.

11-21-11 Zoo (141)11-21-11 Zoo (142)11-21-11 Zoo (144)

Chimpanzees.  It was so chilly these poor things were huddled together.  I can totally relate to the chimp being held by the other one.  That would be me with Biker Boy’s arms around me.  And yes, I'd probably be whining too....if the kids weren't around to hear it.

11-21-11 Zoo (74)11-21-11 Zoo (75)

Tigers.  They were very active while we were there.  Usually they’re just laying around.

11-21-11 Zoo (171)

Mountain Lions.  In a cage.  They also live in the mountains around us and thank goodness I’ve never actually seen one in the wild.  And I hope one has never seen us.  But we have seen footprints.  And there was the one time we went hiking with Scooter when he was 1 and a half and he pointed into the woods and said, “Big Kitty.”  That’s a good story.

11-21-11 Zoo (174)

Kids.  Wait.  They live in my zoo, not the zoo we visit.

11-21-11 Zoo (86)11-21-11 Zoo (93)11-21-11 Zoo (121)

Crocodiles.  Biker Boy is pretty sure they’re fake.  They never move.  They don’t even blink.  And they are huge.

11-21-11 Zoo (207)

The reptile/amphibian house.  Lots of little and medium glass tanks of scaly and slimy things.  This is Scooter’s favorite place to visit.  It was warm to visit on a chilly day.

11-21-11 Zoo (208)11-21-11 Zoo (213)

The tropical rain forest building.  I dislike visiting this one because it stinks.  Literally stinks.  A tiny warm and humid building with animals and their waste.  Yuck.  I always breathe through my mouth in this building and hurry the kids through it.  But the little monkeys are fun to watch….for a half a second until I have to breathe again through my nose.

11-21-11 Zoo (214)11-21-11 Zoo (216)

And for some reason I always get a picture of my children’s backsides while they are looking at something.  Always.  If I scrounge around my hard drive I bet I can find some from previous years, but I'm not going to right now.  Let’s see… you want me to say butt?  I have got to lay off the extra cup of coffee some days.  Makes me talk/write too much.  Or maybe it's lack of sleep.  Or both.  yikes.

11-21-11 Zoo (129)

What do you like to see at the zoo?  I like the polar bears, but they weren’t out on the chilly day.  What’s up with that?

And I hope you had a great weekend and a wonderful upcoming week.  We spent a fun time skiing and snowboarding at Wolf Creek in the snow this past weekend.  I probably had 10 years taken off my life by my blood pressure sky rocketing as we drove up and down the mountain in the snowy weather in a 2-wheeled drive vehicle (with chains).  And I was just riding.  It was the cars that skidded off the road in front of us that was scary to watch.  We did fine on the roads and had 2 wonderful days in the powder!  And now we're leash and hula hoop free.  Chewy was off on her own skiing the last day!  And we came home to a snow day!  That was good timing because the kids didn't get to bed until 10:30pm last night you have any snow stories?


  1. That's terrible that this kid was handicapt with a broken leg. It always sad to ne handicapt or disabled even if it is as temperoary as a broken leg. Did he have to be in a wheelchair or did he hop around on a pair of crutches?

  2. Thanks! Accidents and broken legs happen. Scooter was quite the trooper and got through it just fine. We all did with lots of love and prayer. Scooter had a walker to use, but after a week with the first cast he was able to walk on that cast and his two other short casts. Now you would never know that he broke his leg. Scooter barely remembers which leg he broke and is currently skiing and snowboarding, so he has no lasting effects of the break. Thanks for your concern and for stopping by, it is appreciated.


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