Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Building A Media Center: Installing the Base Cabinets

Let’s see how quick I can do this.  I don’t hold much hope for myself, cause my fingers like to wander on the keyboard like my brain wanders, but I’ve drank 2 cups of tea and one 18 ounce bottle of bubbly water without a pit stop….so I’m just saying.  Nothing like setting a goal for myself.

Follow our media center progress with the linky dinks: (Biker Boy would probably like me to say that he knows he’s not fast at this.  But in his defense…the guy is amazing!  I think he rocks!)

Chapter 1: Planning

Chapter 2: Installing the Pantry

Okay…we planned. 

Biker Boy sawed the drawers off the cabinets.  We planned to reuse them under a shelf.

1-19-12 Media Center (2)

Then we saw a plate covering the wall.  Checked it out and deemed it to be wires for an outlet.  Biker Boy just happened to have an outlet laying around.  Shut off breakers and gave the kid a lesson on installing an outlet.  The other plate covers a propane thing for a gas fireplace.  We won’t be using that.

1-22-12 Media Center Building (2)1-22-12 Media Center Building (5)

Because of the new outlet, shifted everything over 5 inches towards the pantry so we can access the outlet.  It was too low to cut a place for it in the cabinet.

Installed the base cabinets.  On risers.  That way they match the spaced up pantry.  We want everything nice and level.

1-22-12 Media Center Building (1)

Admired the beautiful installed and screwed to the wall base cabinets.

I said, “Let’s see how the drawers fit in the space.”

1-22-12 Media Center Building (6)

Light bulb or big whoops moment.  DRAWERS!!!  Moving the cabinets over meant the drawers would no longer fit side by side with a 48 inch shelf above them.  WHOOPS!!!

Forgot to look at plan, so we are back to planning.

Biker Boy came up with a solution.  He was working on it last night.  He’ll be working on it again.  Stay tuned.

I’ve got to go.  I mean really go. 

And you…..what are you up to?

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