Thursday, January 19, 2012

Building A Media Center: Installing The First Cabinet

Woot, woot!  Yippee!  We have 1 cabinet in! 

If you’re not familiar with our slow media center building and planning, you can find the first installment here.  This has been four years in the works.  This will be in installments people.  We’re not fast.  And we don’t have a magic wand or a fairy godmother.  Or a TV show that can get everything done in an hour.  But a girl can dream.

The cabinet sat there in the corner for a couple days before Biker Boy “installed” it.  We were getting a “feel” for it.  Don’t ya love the little Vanna White showing off the cabinet?

1-15-12 Media Center Work (1)

In order to install the cabinet we had to decide what to do.  At first we were going to leave the baseboards.  That would have required some fancy notching out and stuff.  Biker Boy thought it would be nicer to leave the baseboards for the next owners in case they want to remove the media center.  What next owners?  But then I convinced Biker Boy that we have no plans of ever moving so we should just do what we want and if we ever have to move…well, the next owners are on their own. 

So Biker Boy cut out the baseboards to install the tall pantry cabinet. 

1-15-12 Media Center Work (2)

There was a little shimming involved.  Okay, maybe quite a bit of shimming.  Biker Boy installed some wood pieces to help anchor the cabinet to the side wall.  No photos of that.  I was busy doing something and forgot to take pictures of the wood.  I’m pretty sure I was getting kids ready for bed.  Night time is the only time we can get work done around here and by that time….both Biker Boy and I are tired.  Yawn.

Back to shimming….Biker Boy used his special trick of post-it notes to shim the backside of the cabinet.  This isn’t the first time he’s used that trick (see that here).  It really works when you need just a bit of shim.

1-15-12 Media Center Work (3)

I forgot…before bedtime Biker Boy cut out where the outlet goes.  He had a little helper.  Everything was safe, don’t worry.  Biker Boy is a stickler for safety.  I love watching the kids help their Daddy.

1-15-12 Media Center work with the boy (4)1-17-12 Media Center (2)

Okay…of course nothing is ever easy.  Nothing is ever square.  You just can’t plug a cabinet in and hope it fits.  Okay, we hope it’ll be easy…..but we know it isn’t going to be easy.  Thus lots of shimming and pushing and shoving.  I got to do the pushing and shoving as Biker Boy drilled the cabinet into the wall.  It’s fairly square right now.  Biker Boy put a composite shim under one corner. 

1-17-12 Media Center (1)

Hooray.  We have one cabinet in.  The other two cabinets are being prepped.  Slowly.  Stay tuned.  And do you know how much stuff we can fit in that cabinet?  It’s amazing!  All our DVDs and VHS tapes fit in just the top cabinet.  They’re stuffed in there right now.  They’re not organized, but they’re out of the way!  And they’re hidden.  Hooray for concealed storage!  Bring it on!

1-15-12 Media Center Work (4)1-15-12 Media Center Work (5)

You may have to stay tuned for a bit.  This is real life.  With a real mess.  But I’m loving it!  And I really want to paint the walls, but that will have to wait a few years. 

What are you loving lately?

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