Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Building a Media Center: Installing the Drawers

We’re still building it.  I mean, Biker Boy is still building it.  I’m the cheerleader.  I tell Biker Boy what an amazing job he is doing.  And I try to keep the kids out of the way or put them to bed.  But most of the time they’d rather help Daddy.

Here’s the recap of what’s been constructed:

Chapter 1: The Planning

Chapter 2: Installing the First Cabinet (Pantry)

Chapter 3: Installing the Base Cabinets

And on to the now.  It’s real life here people.  I don’t feel like touching up these photos.  Sorry, they’ll be straight out of the camera.  I have enough other photos I would like to touch up, but not these ones.  Gotta prioritize my time somehow.  Okay.

When we left off there was a hole between the pantry and the base cabinets.  So Biker Boy constructed a base that matches up to the toe kicks of the cabinets. 

1-24-12 Building Media Center (1)

Then Biker Boy cut an aspen covered piece of plywood to make a shelf and base.  He used birch wood to make the trim.  Thankfully it matches pretty good with the hickory trim.  Cause we couldn’t find hickory off the shelf at those big box construction places. 

1-24-12 Building Media Center (2)

He coated the new stuff he built in polyurethane.  We used satin and realized that it didn’t quite match with the semigloss finish of the pre-bought cabinets.  Whoops again.  Oh well.  We can always change it later, but you can’t really notice it once we put the drawers in.  If you visit, I’m sure you’d never notice.  Except now that I just told you, you’ll probably be eyeing it up close to see if you can tell the difference.  Just pretend I didn’t tell you.

1-28-12 Media Center Building

Oh, the kids.  They like to help.  In the photos below Biker Boy is explaining to them how the belt sander works.  That was a new purchase for this project and it’s been used a lot.  So was the pocket hole tool.  I told Biker Boy about that one and he now loves it.  And yes, the kids have dust masks on.  And there are ear plugs involved.  Safety first. 

1-29-12 Media Center Building (1)1-29-12 Media Center Building (2)

Here’s one shot I got the other day.  I had my zoon lens on the camera and was too lazy to take it off and put my wide angled one on.  Another day, people, another day.  I can’t give you the full reveal yet.  Not to mention that my desk to the left of this stuff is an absolute mess.  I’ve really got to organize my tax stuff.  And other stuff. 

1-30-12 Media Center Building

The little cubby on the right is by total accident, but the record player will fit in it.  Yea!  Yes, we have a record player.  And a tape player.  And a VHS player. 

Not sure what we’re going to put in the drawers, but I like them.  And we both like the fact that we were able to reuse them off of the base cabinets.  Oh, and Biker Boy put the doors back on last night after I got this picture. 

Now we’ve just got to go and get the big long butcher block countertop.  But that will wait a week or two.  Biker Boy is busy at work and doesn’t want to get the counter until he has time to install it.  It’s a big heavy thing, so we don’t want it just sitting on the cabinets without being installed.  Right now the TV is sitting on a piece of plywood on the base cabinets.  Eventually the countertop will run from the pantry, over the base cabinets, and ending in a desk.  It will leave a shelf for all the electronic components above the drawers and cubby that just got installed.  Oh, and a toe kick will be installed sometime too.

Any questions?  I know, I’m as clear as mud about this construction stuff.  It’ll be so pretty when it’s done!  Biker Boy commented, “It’s going to be a lot of wood?  Isn’t it?”  Yep, it’s going to be and it’ll be great.  It’s already lighter than the big black entertainment unit we use to have.  My man is great!  I just love him!     

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