Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Building A Media Center: The Planning

Okay, I’ve been planning this media center since the day we moved in.  Over 4 years ago.  I’ve been saving my pennies and planning up a storm in my head.  Biker Boy worries when I do that.

Biker Boy and I have talked and debated plans ever since I brought up the idea of a built in media center.
I’ve drawn up lots of sketches.  Every one is different, but similar.  Here’s three of them.  I have many more.  I sure do.

1-11-12 Media Plans (2)1-11-12 Media Plans (3)1-11-12 Media Plans (4)
Well, after moving the desk out to the media wall, getting a new TV, and finally getting rid of the old entertainment center (you can see about all that here), we’re getting closer to building a built in media center.

That’s after Biker Boy finishes the grout in the master bath.  That guy is one hard worker.  Anytime I talk about starting the media center myself, he just shakes his head.  It’s fun to tease him.

So…here’s the plans that we’ve come up with and Biker Boy worked out in his engineering program.  He is an engineer you know.  (Yes, I took a picture of the computer screen because that’s easier for me to figure out.)  It’s nothing fancy, but it's just want we want.

1-11-12 Media Plans (1)
There’s a tall pantry on the right to house all the DVDs, VHS tapes (yes, we have those), and video games.  Plus extra stuff I don’t want seen.  There will be shelves to the left of that to house the electronic components.  Then there will be two 24 inch cabinets to house the computer and printer stuff.  Then a desk for the computer monitor on the far left.

That’s the final game plan.  I’ve been on the search for cabinets at thrift stores and ReStore for some time.  No such luck.  I knew eventually a big box home improvement store would have a 20% off sale on in stock cabinets.  And they did.  So we bought some cabinets.  I trucked the two 24 inch ones home on my own with 2 kids.  That same night Biker Boy went back to get the pantry one because we needed all the seats in the back of the mini van down to get that.

And now the cabinets sit in our master bedroom and await their final fate.  They could be here awhile.

1-10-12 Media Cabinets (1)1-10-12 Media Cabinets (2)
The 24 inch ones will be chopped.  We’re going to chop off the drawers to make them desk height.  (In the engineered drawing you can see where the countertop runs through the shorter cabinets, that’s where we’ll cut them off.)  The drawers will be refashioned and reused inside the cabinets.  It’ll look something like the picture below.  (The babies laying on the dresser?  That would be some little girl’s consequence for a behavior choice.  They started to freak Biker Boy out and we had to move them.  He kept thinking someone was there every time he would come out of the bathroom.)

1-10-12 Media Cabinets (3)
I had wanted white cabinets with a butcher block top.  For now we’re planning to leave the cabinets unpainted (they will match/mimic the kitchen cabinets across the way).  Some day I may paint them.  We talked about doing a white countertop of corian or something else with hickory cabinets, but the cost was way too high.  We’re going to go with our original plan of a butcher block top.  We had talked about using wood planks or reclaimed wood, but the idea of gaps and uneven spaces wasn’t too appealing with the counter holding monitors and TVs.  Not to mention that I hope to write a lot on the desk.

And that, my friends, is the plan.  We’ll see how it comes to fruitation.

How do you plan?  Does it take you time and patience?  Or do you just jump into things?

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