Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Great Frozen Balls of Dough

Yum!  Anyone want a cookie?

I do!  I do!

We all love cookies here.  Except when I make cookies, I always make a double batch.  And I never bake them all at once.  We’d eat way too many that way.  So let’s avoid the tummy aches, shall we?  Let’s bake a few at a time.  Or a dozen at a time.

Chewy and I made cookie dough last week.

1-1221-12 Making Cookies (1)

We make the Original Nestle Tollhouse recipe quite a bit.  Except we use the high altitude directions.  The cookies turn out puffier that way.  Puffy is good.  In some cases, anyways.  Not so good on me.

We sometimes throw in extra chocolate chips, or peanut butter chips, or whatever chips we have laying around.  Just not corn chips or potato chips…we haven’t tried that.

1-1221-12 Making Cookies (4)

Don’t forget to eat some chocolate chips while you’re making the dough.  You deserve it.

1-1221-12 Making Cookies (3)

Cookie dough is amazing stuff.  And yummy too.  Who likes the cookie dough better than the baked cookies?

1-1221-12 Making Cookies (5)

Once the dough is made (and I lick the spoons behind the kids’ backs), I stick that big old bowl of dough in the refrigerator.  Then I forget about it.  I mean, I get to it when I have time.  Sometimes that’s less than a day and sometimes that’s about 4 or 5 days.  Or somewhere in between.  Usually when kids are in bed.

1-1221-12 Making Cookies (6)

This time Chewy was up and helped me.  We rolled that dough into balls.

1-1221-12 Making Cookies (7)

Then we threw them in a freezer bag. 

1-1221-12 Making Cookies (8)

Then I throw the bag in the freezer and let those cookie dough balls freeze.

1-1221-12 Making Cookies (9)

Then when we want cookies I take the bag out.  And yes, the balls will have frozen together.  Give it good whack on the counter or the floor.  Just keep the dough balls in the bag while you’re whacking away to get them apart.  Or just pry them apart with your fingers.  I prefer to whack them.  It’s a stress reliever. 

Put some frozen balls of dough on a greased cookie sheet and put the rest back in the freezer for another time.  Turn the oven on to 375 F degrees.  I throw the frozen balls in the oven while it is still heating up.  I find they cook up better that way.  Just add 4-5 minutes on to the original baking time (about 15 minutes for me).  Just check ‘em and add more time if you need to.  Then eat and enjoy fresh cookies whenever the mood strikes! 

You can try this with other types of cookie dough too, not just chocolate chip.  Do you freeze your own cookie dough too?

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