Friday, January 13, 2012

IKEA Hemnes 3 Drawer Dresser

Meet Hermey.

1-9-12 Hemnes Dresser (1)

He’s pretty.  And he smells good too. (Oooo…dirty TV!)

1-9-12 Hemnes Dresser (3)

He’s red.  Red like Rudolph’s nose.  Kinda reminds me of Hermey the elf, Rudolph’s friend.  Plus he’s a Hemnes dresser from Ikea, thus he’s a Hermey.  Anyone following me?  If you’re keeping up, good for you.  You score a point.

1-9-12 Hemnes Dresser (5)

Hermey came from our winter vacation trip to Denver.  Red is a surprising choice for me, but I actually like it.  In the store Biker Boy and I couldn’t decide between the gray and the red.  When we went down to get the dresser in the pick up area, they were sold out of gray.  So we got red.  Choice made.  That was easy.

We wanted to replace our particle board/hand-me down TV stand that I spray painted blue a while back.
See it amidst all the pieces of Hermey?  We were looking at TV stands at IKEA when it dawned on me that this room also serves as a guest room, besides a place to store our exercise equipment.  So why not get a dresser to put the TV on and then we have drawers to store stuff?  One of the drawers stores linens for guests, so those come out when guests are here and then they have a drawer to put stuff in.  Cool, huh?  I know, I’m so brilliant I could light up the tiniest room.  Can you follow sarcasm in a blog?

1-2-12 Building Hemnes (1)1-2-12 Building Hemnes (2)

After building a beast of a marble track the same day, Biker Boy attempted to build Hermey with a pretty assistant.  According to him, it was super easy and fairly quick after a marble track.  Biker Boy kept wanting me to take pictures of the process because he was so impressed with it.  I’ll spare you the 30 photos and maybe give you 10.  We took them with our cheapo camera, so the quality isn’t too great.  But that’s real life around here.

1-2-12 Building Hemnes (3)1-2-12 Building Hemnes (4)

Biker Boy got everything laid out and assembled according to those famous picture directions from IKEA.  He’s probably not too happy that I think Hermey is a boy.  Shhh, don’t tell him.

Fortunately for us (cause we can’t return it), all our pieces were in pristine shape.  No dings, dents, warps, or anything.

1-2-12 Building Hemnes (5)1-2-12 Building Hemnes (6)

Biker Boy was seriously impressed with the drawer slides.  And I do have to say that they work nicely.  The drawers slide so easily.

1-2-12 Building Hemnes (7)1-2-12 Building Hemnes (9)

He was also impressed with these plastic things in the drawer sides and the plastic cover thingies.  I’m not sure what he called them, but for some reason he really liked them.  He took quite a few pictures of them in the drawer.  I’ll give you a couple.
1-2-12 Building Hemnes (8)1-2-12 Building Hemnes (10)

Assembly was pretty quick for a lot of wood pieces and screws and other assembly things.  I probably could have done it too, but Biker Boy was really enjoying himself.  He said we probably couldn’t have built a piece like this for much less because you’d have to get the higher quality pine wood that isn’t warped.  Plus this was MUCH quicker than building one ourselves.  We’re now kicking ourselves for not having picked up a slim bookshelf to put in this room too (for all those books now laying on the floor).  Oh well.

Hermey is stained red.  Not painted.  You can still see the wood grain, which we both like.  It’s oh so pretty.  Or handsome.  Isn’t he a pretty little piece of pine? And he smells oh so nice because he’s made of pine wood.  So nice.  It’s like a woodsy cologne.

1-9-12 Hemnes Dresser (6)

And yep, I filled up one drawer with IKEA goodies that I plan to use for hostess gifts when I need them.  Can you pick out the candles that the kids picked out?  The top drawer is full of guest room stuff.  The bottom drawer is holding camera gear.  Aren’t the drawers just cute?  Or handsome?  I love the yellow and white stripes.  It’s a little bit of cheer when you open the drawer.  It’s like it’s smiling at you.  And I’m smiling right now!

1-9-12 Hemnes Dresser (4)

I like that the TV is higher now.  I can actually see it.

That’s because this is my usual view of the TV.  From the treadmill.  It gets frequent use during the winter.
1-9-12 Hemnes Dresser (2)

And for your final viewing pleasure.  This is the guest room as of now, way below all this writing.  (See it before here).  We still blow up a big air bed when guests come.  I’ve been on the search for a daybed to put next to the dresser (it’ll just fit), but since we’ve been spending money on building a media center…..a daybed purchase is going to wait a year or two.  Bummer….since I found one for $75 the other day on craigslist.  That’s okay.  All you who visit still have a place to sleep.  We just shove the treadmill in the hallway and put my bike and trainer back in the garage.

1-9-12 Hemnes Dresser (7)

Anyone else have a Hemnes something?  Love it, hate it, or undecided?

So far, we’re loving ours.  We’d recommend it without hesitation.  You can call that our review of the Hemnes dresser.  It gets an A!

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!


  1. would you say it could pass for orange? im thinking of the dresser for my son, his room is navy and orange...

  2. No, I wouldn't say it would pass for orange. It's a deep red, more like a burnt red color. If you have an IKEA near you, maybe you could check out the color? Good luck!


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