Thursday, January 26, 2012

In Color or Black and White?

I know, I know.  These photos I’m going to post look very similar to Chewy’s other routine photos of rest time.  What I can I say?  A routine is something you do quite often. 

Chewy was resting on my bed with her Big Bear and the dog again.  I was practicing white balance and light metering with my camera.  I’ve just started shooting in the RAW.  My camera isn’t the best at auto white balance all the time and I’ve found it difficult to change white balance in PSE8.  Plus sometimes the white balance setting I pick isn’t the best.  So I’m really liking that I can shoot in the RAW and change the white balance, exposure, and other items in the camera.  A little tedious, yes, but it works for me.  And some of you have just had your eyes glaze over as I ramble about photography stuff.  Sorry.  Oh, and I just ordered a gray card so I can do my own white balancing.  Big stuff for me.

I do want to post a review of our family Christmas present, some party planning items, and goodness…just write sometime.  But I’m enjoying my children and taking the interruptions as they come.  Such as today…another call to the doctor when they open in a few moments for my poor Chewy.  So you get pictures of Chewy.  I know the grandparents will like that!  And the rest of you….um….wanna joke?  A termite walks into a bar and asks, “Is the bar tender here?”  *smile*

Back to Chewy….here she is with her Big Bear.  Thankfully she tells me that she loves me more than Big Bear.  That must mean that she loves me A LOT!  Because she sure loves that bear. 

1-25-12 Chewy (5)tu1-25-12 Chewy (5)tubw

Sometimes I like the color photos and sometimes I like the black and white.  Chewy always tells me to leave them in color or to “leave them the real way.” 

1-25-12 Chewy (8)tu1-25-12 Chewy (8)tubw

This would be the nose shot below.  I know you’re not suppose to “shoot up the nose,” but I still like this photo.  And the nose is part of the reason she gets to go back to the doctor again.  It seems my poor Chewy is jumping on the allergy train with the rest of us.  At least she’ll be in good company. 

1-25-12 Chewy (9)tu1-25-12 Chewy (9)tubw

Any interruptions lately?  I’m with you. 

Update:  Chewy is being treated for allergies and slight asthma.  Something we’re already familiar with since Scooter has allergies and asthma.  Biker Boy also has allergies and has developed asthma when he exercises in the past couple of years.  Me…just bad allergies in the spring.  Guess it runs in the family.  Chewy gets to see an ENT (for huge tonsils, snoring, and sleep apnea) and the allergy/asthma specialist.  And poor Biker Boy came home from work sick.  It’s been one of those days.  But since I’ve got a quiet house (a napping husband, child, dog, and cat). I’ve been able to play with my photoediting.  There’s so much you can do! 

I took this not so great photo:

1-25-12 Chewy (1)

And after a little level brightening, color fill and gradient mapping to add haze, I got this:  (Plus a little cropping and cloning, it’s not perfect, but I’m still practicing.)

1-25-12 Chewy (1)tuhaze2

Hope your day is going well.  Hopefully my sick ones make a recovery soon!

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