Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Photo Challenge: Going To The Bus

Alrightly….my only day at home for 2 hours by myself.  And I spent a majority of it on the phone with a phone company.  Yikes.  Anyhoo….I was planning to post our new IKEA piece or our master bath mess or our new Christmas present, but that will wait till I have more time.

Cause yesterday morning I was awake enough to take the camera with me as I walked my boy to the bus.  Yes, I walk him to the bus every morning.  It’s not far and we live in a rural area, but I still won’t let him go by himself and wait there. 

Oh, why the camera?  Cause it’s my own personal photo challenge to take every day pictures of my kiddos.  Find out about it here

So that’s why the bus pictures.

Lately we’ve been walking up the driveway and down to the bus stop instead of taking “the back route” through the yard.  There’s still too much snow, ice and mud in the yard. 

1-9-12 Going to the bus stop (1)1-9-12 Going to the bus stop (2)

It was a cloudy morning, it had snowed the day before.  The light was really low and the sun hadn’t come up yet, so I had to bump my ISO up high.  That’s why the photos are grainy.  But I still like them.

It was a beautiful morning.  I don’t think a camera captured the beauty.  And I didn’t touch up this photo.  This is the view from our bus stop.  I know, I know…that power line just makes the view. 

1-9-12 Going to the bus stop (4)

My little guy is so goofy.  He makes faces while waiting for the bus.  He also tries to stomp through the snow and ice. 

1-9-12 Going to the bus stop (8)

And the sun was just peeking up through the trees as my boy boarded the bus.  Beautiful.

1-9-12 Going to the bus stop (6)1-9-12 Going to the bus stop (9)

Next week I’m going to have to get some photos of my little girl.  I didn’t think to get photos of her temper tantrum this morning.  Now that’s something I would always like to remember!  (kidding)  But maybe we’ll be able to laugh about it together someday.  I sure do love that girl, even during the tantrums. 

What’s your routine?  Enjoy!  And thanks for stopping by!  Smooches to my sister….thanks for the call!

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