Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Routine: Chewy’s Rest Time

For my routine photos this week, I photographed Chewy’s reading and rest time.  We read books, she rests (that involves looking at books, sucking on her Big Bear, or playing quietly), and sometimes Chewy actually falls asleep.  At this age Scooter never fell asleep, but Chewy sure can use the sleep more than Scooter did. 

Rest time was in my room this time.  It’s super bright and sunny and warm during the winter.  We read books on my bed.  (Books by Patrick McDonnell, which I reviewed yesterday).  Chewy read me her favorite book, “Wag!” 

1-17-12 Reading Books (7)tu

After books Chewy laid and sucked on her Big Bear.  To curb the thumb sucking we don’t let Big Bear come out of the bedroom, but I think she now sucks her thumb more than ever.  I’m pretty sure she’ll be going to kindergarten sucking her thumb.  I’m not quite sure what to think about it.  It does help her control her behavior at times.  And she doesn’t care that she’s the only one in preschool who sucks her thumb.  At least she’s confident!

1-17-12 Rest Time (2)1-17-12 Rest Time (7)

I really didn’t expect that she would fall asleep on my bed, but she did!  Chewy was laying on the edge of the bright sunshine that was hitting the bed.  The dog was at her feet part of the time too.  She didn’t sleep long, but it was beautiful!

1-17-12 Nap Time (1)tu1-17-12 Nap Time (2)tu

For these photos I used my wide angle 18-55mm lens (I was too lazy to take it off after taking photos of our media center we’re building).  ISO was at 100.  Shutter speed at 1/150.  White balance was auto (I did try the sun setting). F/5.  I metered the light from the center and focused on her eyes or eyelashes.  The processing was an experiment of mine.  I tried my own black/white action.  I’m still trying to find my groove. 

And just because….here’s some of the unprocessed and unedited photos.  I even got I in a photo!

1-17-12 Nap Time (4)1-17-12 Reading Books (5)1-17-12 Rest Time (4)

I hope your week is going well!  What’s your routine this week?  Any thumb sucking advice?

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