Friday, January 6, 2012


Do you sometimes get so stuck in a routine that you take it for granted?

Yep, happens to me.  Probably too much.

I’m not good with resolutions, so I’m going to try something this year.  I’ll try rather than resolve.

I’m going to try to not take for granted the little things, the routine, and the natural moments.  I’m going to be thankful for all the small things.  I’ll thank God for each and every little moment. 

To help me do that I’ve decided to challenge myself to my own photography challenge.  You may have noticed that I’m trying to improve my photography skills when I get a spare moment (which isn’t as often as I like, but I’ll take what I get).  I’m thankful to my friends who let me practice on their families and kids!  And I’m happy to photograph my own children in a “portrait” setting, but I want to get more natural moments. 

It’s typical to take pictures of trips, school programs, first moments, birthdays, and things that don’t happen quite often.  But I want to take photos of the natural moments, the routine, and daily life.  I want to capture my kids doing the things they do quite often, but probably won’t do in the future.  I want to capture their personality.  And I’ve probably already done that in the past, but I want to be more deliberate about it so I don’t take it for granted. 

I’m going to try to take photos of our hot chocolate Fridays, morning devotions, bedtime prayer, tooth brushing, doll dressing, Lego building, the fighting, the laughing, the tears, and the smiles.  I want bedtime hugs and family movie cuddles.  Dog petting, sleeping, waking up, coming home from the bus, saying good bye at preschool, thumb sucking, lip licking, shoe tying, dressing, chores, and more. 

I know this is going to require some work on my part.  I’ll have to get the camera out and I may even have to set up the tripod.  But I’m going to try to get photos at least once a week of our normal life.  That includes the messy, the clean, the pleasant, and the unpleasant.  And the photos may not be perfect, but they’ll freeze a moment in time that happens more than once. 

I started this morning getting my boy’s before school routine, that’s after I heard laughter coming from the bathroom.  He amuses himself as he’s putting on his skin cream (for that dry skin from lip licking) and sunscreen.  I had a high ISO (1600) to compensate for the lack of light, but I kind of like the grainy look.  It makes it seem like the early morning, since it is!  Can you see the white streaks on his cheek?  He's still young enough that he doesn’t really care if he rubs it in fully.

1-6-12 Morning Routine (4)

Sometimes he combs his hair and more often I comb it.  It’s crazy in the back!  I think it’s time for a haircut!

1-6-12 Morning Routine (5)

And here’s a couple of photos from right after I grabbed the camera.  My crazy and lovable boy!  This is before the hair combing!

1-6-12 Morning Routine (1)1-6-12 Morning Routine (2)

It kind of makes me tear up looking at these photos.  I’m so proud of this kid.  Sure, he doesn’t always make the right choices, but he’s learning.  He’s emotional and sensitive and always gives the best hugs when mommy or daddy are leaving to go somewhere.  He’s been through so much, yet being so young he looks right past it.  He deals with his asthma like it’s a part of him and I guess it is a part of him.  Considering we almost lost him when he was younger to a really bad attack, it makes each breath a precious gift.  He’s been through a badly broken leg and yet you’d never know it today.  God truly has blessed us and gotten us through many things.  This kid has shown us what a miracle truly is.  It’s a joy each day to see the little man that God is helping him to be and I’m blessed to be his mother.  Each and every child was made for a reason and is truly a blessing.  And each and every path to having a child is for a reason too.  Go and hug the children in your life!

Have you made any resolutions for the new year?  Anything that you want to try? 

What do you not want to take for granted?  It’s my prayer that everyone who reads this post is thankful for the small things in their life at this moment.  I’m thankful and blessed if you happen to stop by and read this.  Thanks!  Geepers….I think I’m a little emotional today.  Someone please get me a tissue!

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  1. Beautiful, thank you for the reminder. Your son is adorable!


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