Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Scooter & Chewy Read: Earl & Mooch Books

Last week Chewy’s preschool visited the library and she brought home a book called “Wag” by Patrick McDonnell.

1-17-12 Reading Books (6)

I have literally been reading this book a minimum of three times a day to one or two kids. 

1-17-12 Reading Books (8)

It’s so great that we got more books with the main characters, Earl & Mooch, from the library last week.  We’ve check out “The Gift of Nothing” and “Just Like Heaven.” 

These books are touching, funny, lighthearted, entertaining, and simple at its best.

“Wag” is still our favorite.  I love it too.  You know how sometimes you get tired of reading the same book over and over and over.  Well, I don’t mind reading this book over and over.  My kids laugh like crazy as I make voices for the characters.  We’ve read the book so many times that Chewy is now “reading” it to me.

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I would totally recommend checking out books by Patrick McDonnell.  He’s also the one behind the comic “Mutts.”  My kids love how Mooch says, “YESH!”  for “yes.”  So they have been imitating that like crazy.  Chewy even showed me her favorite page in “Wag” and guess what page it is?

1-17-12 Reading Books (1)

I think I know what I’m getting my kids for Valentine’s Day.  They’re probably going to get their own copy of “Wag!”

Do you have any favorite books lately that you don’t mind reading over and over?

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