Monday, January 9, 2012

Where In The World Are….?

There are so many fun things you can do with postcards.  You can collect them from your travels, send them to your home from your travels, send them to loved ones, and just collect and display them.  Do you do anything special with postcards?

Scooter and Chewy have an aunt and an uncle that get around the world quite a bit.  In fact, they just moved across the ocean.  (Miss you…the kids can pick out on the globe where you live now!)  Aunt Bit (do you have a better nickname?) and Uncle Dos send the kids postcards from their travels.  We love that they do this for the kids.  It’s quite a special little treat.

1-7-12 Postcards (1)

It’s always an exciting day when a new postcard arrives!  We read the postcard and if we get a chance we locate the place on the globe. 

1-7-12 Postcards (3)

I’ve punched a hole in the corner of the postcards and strung them on a metal ring.  That way the kids can easily flip through them and look at the pictures.  Sometimes we read them again and again.  It’s fun!  I hope to put a hook up next to our USA map (with our travels) and hang the postcards next to it.  Some time, when I find a hook.

1-7-12 Postcards (2)

The majority of the postcards are from Aunt Bit and Uncle Dos, but there are also a few postcards from grandparents and friends included in there.  It’s like getting to travel for free, we’re really good at pretending here. 

So…thank you for the postcards Aunt Bit and Uncle Dos!  Did you ever get to send one from the last city you lived in?

Postcards…..what do you do with them? 

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