Monday, February 20, 2012

Blast From The Past: Kimberly

I haven't done a Blast From The Past post in a long while.  Time to get back to it.

Let's revisit a toy from the 1980's today.  My sister and I each had a Kimberly doll from TOMY toys.  I had the Cheerleader Kimberly and my sister had the Gettin' Fancy Kimberly.  Then we had a bunch of outfits that we shared.  Or maybe tried to share, we probably fought over them at times.  We had the jumprope outfit, rollerskate outfit, iceskating outfit, school outfit, and jeans outfit. 

My mom brought one of the old Kimberly dolls (she could only find one) and gave it to Chewy.  We're not sure if it was mine or my sister's. Kimberly visited the doll hospital for a couple of months before making the trip.  Her hair went from pretty hideous to fabulous in that time.   Her hair is already getting a new do as she is played with.  Plus she got a couple of pairs of underware.  Because she needed them.  Dolls should have underware too.  And Kimberly got cleaned and disinfected...or something to that effect.  She's still pretty!

Chewy has loved playing with Kimberly and dressing her over and over in the different outfits.  When I went to take the pictures today she had already misplaced the snow muff for Kimberly's hands that went with the skating outfit.  I'm sure we'll find it at some point.

Did you have a Kimberly doll? 

Any other favorite toys that you played with as a kid?

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