Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mommy & Kid Day

Okay, computer issues are slowing getting resolved.  At least I have all my files, I was able to load Photoshop Elements, and all my actions were saved.  I still have a lot of other programs to load, but I have my files.  Back up your stuff, people, back it up.

On to the topic of the day.  The pictures are for the grandparents.  They're from the ipod, so they're not that great.

Any of you moms ever take your kids to do something that you didn't think you could manage by yourself?  I did that today.  And I managed just fine.  I took the kids snowboarding and skiing all by myself today.  I've never done that, we've always had Biker Boy with us.  I rely on Biker Boy a lot.  And you know what.....we all survived and we all had fun.  We actually stayed from 9:00 to just after 2pm.  I think the jelly beans made Chewy last longer.  She did take a couple of breaks while Scooter went off on his own.  Don't worry...he had a radio and I could see him most of the time.  He's also quite familiar with the local ski area.  And yes, my sunglasses don't fit so well with my helmet.  None of my sunglasses do.  And don't you love Chewy's glasses?  They pretty much fit her personality.

Hee, hee.  Biker Boy was snowboarding in 10 degree weather today and the kids and I got to enjoy weather in the balmy 40's at the local ski area.  It was so warm we had lunch in the van with the back open.   Here's a self-portrait. Again, I know, the glasses are a terrible fit with the helmet.  The kids ripped their helmets off when they weren't skiing.  They were hot.  Chewy's hands got so sweaty they stunk.  I know because she made me smell them.  They were hard to avoid when she stuck them in my face.

Scooter started out on his snowboard.  There are only 2 person lifts at the local ski area up the mountain, so Scooter had to go himself on the lift.  Chewy can't get on or off it without help.  Let's just say I was a little nervous to watch Scooter get off the chairlift on his snowboard.  But the kid managed just fine, without ever somehow putting his back foot on the stomp pad.  I have no idea how he does that.  He switched to his skis at lunchtime and was off like a rocket.  Chewy took off then too trying to keep up with her big brother.  And I managed just fine on my snowboard with getting Chewy on and off the lift. I just grabbed her under the arms to get her on and then pushed her bottom to get her off.  The lift attendants got very familiar with us since we stayed on the same lift the whole time.  There was no way I was going to attempt the center pole lifts with a kid and my snowboard.  The kids were fine with that.  They're not too fond of center pole lifts either. 

After skiing I stopped at the gas station to let the kids pick out a treat.  Wanna know what they picked?  Chewy picked Doritos and Scooter picked Salt and Vinegar potato chips.  Apparently we don't eat chips much if they think those are a treat.  I picked a Milky Way.  Then we had movie night with dinner in front of the TV and then cuddling on the couch.  I love my kids! 

I hope you're having a good weekend!  Now back to my computer and editing photos of a pretty little baby, her mommy, and sibling. 

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