Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Princess Party Pennant

More Princess Party stuff!  This time its a fabric pennant.

Uff.  I will say that I'm not the go-to mom for crafty stuff.  While I like to be crafty, I'm more of a crafty hack.  I have more failures than successes.  And sometimes I just get lucky.  And most of the time I'm inspired by all the things I see out there when I get a chance to look on the Internet.  And then I hack my way through trying to recreate something.

You may have noticed Fabric Pennant Banners or flags all over blogland and photography sites.  Yep, I noticed.  Chewy did too.  We both liked them.  So we decided to try one for her party.  But being that I don't just like single use things, we had to use it for something else.  So we decided to decorate her room with a pennant banner. 

I looked at a few tutorials, but didn't see anything that would work with my materials.  I didn't have bias tape long enough or those special scissors that give you the little v's.  What are those things called?  Yep, I'm not so technical.  So this won't be an indepth tutorial, but I'll show you what I did.  Really, I don't want to depress myself thinking about how everyone is so much more talented at making things and taking photos.  I told you, I'm a crafty hack.  And I didn't have time to style up my pennant.  Plus I had a girl who would rather jump on her bed than pose for a picture.  I'd rather jump on the bed too, but I'd probably hit my head on her canopy frame.  I'm all about keeping it real.  We did make the bed for photos though.  It's not always made.  I guess you could call that "photo styling!"

Wait...where was I?

Oh, how to make pennant banner.

Chewy got fabric for Christmas.  Yes, it was a gift.  She likes to cut it and make things with it.  She had some left that we were able to salvage for the fabric flags.

I cut out a triangle out of cardstock.  I'm so fancy.  Then I traced it on the fabric with a Sharpie.  Yes, a Sharpie.  Cause that's what I had.  No fancy disappearing fabric pens for this girl. 

I put the good sides together and sewed my fabric together.  Then I flipped them inside out so the right sides were showing and ironed them.

Then I put them together by sewing a blue ribbon on to them.  I let Chewy choose the ribbon out of my ribbon stash.  Her first choice wasn't long enough.  (My fault for giving it as a choice).  But she happily took the blue ribbon as her second choice. 

And wah-lah....a fabric pennant.

To be honest....I'm not so sure about the whole sewing and flipping inside out thing.  I had to poke the insides of the flag with a pencil to get a point and they just don't look right to me.  Kinda like a bad fitting dress. Using those special scissors to get a non-frayed edge may be better.  And I'm not against seeing a seam of thread either.  But, for a first and probably my only effort at's okay.  You know, it actually doesn't look too bad from a distance.  Maybe I'm just too hard on myself.  Anyone else like that?

Best of all...we'll have a pretty little decoration for Chewy's Princess Party and she has a decoration for her room.  I can even use it for photos if I need to!  Now that's good!

So, have you attempted a fabric pennant?  How do you recommend it should be made?  Anyone else out there a crafty hack?

Have a great day!  We're off to clean a little girl's room and make some cookies for her Princess Party.  And some edible magic wands.  Yum!

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