Monday, February 27, 2012

Princess Party Pinwheels

We don't do big birthday parties. 

But Chewy is having a small get together for her 5th birthday.

It's a Mother and Daughter Princess Tea Party.

I've been planning for months.  I made stuff a couple of months ago, forgot about it, and now I'm trying to get it all together in the next few days.  That's how I work.  Serious planner and then serious procrastinator.  I've got a wire mixed up somewhere.  Oh well.  So get ready for some Princess Party stuff.  It'll be a royal time! 

So Chewy and I made pinwheels.  Well, mostly me.  But it was Chewy's idea. 

I googled pinwheels and found boat loads of directions.  There are so many pretty pinwheels out there.  But not all of them work.  They're just for looks or something.  We wanted ours to actually work.  And they do.  So we modified directions and came up with our own from stuff we had laying around the house.  Cause I'm cheap. 

I used cardstock I had laying around, bamboo skewers I had laying around, hot glue, spray paint, and buttons. 

Here's my photo lay-out of what I did (going down in the columns):

Basically what you need to do to make a movable and blowable pinwheel is:

1) Cut yourself a square out of cardstock.  I think I did 6x6 inches.

2) Fold in half to make a a triangle.  Unfold and then fold the other way to make another triangle.  These are your guide lines.

3) Cut in on the lines until about a half inch from the middle.

4) Punch 5 holes in pinwheel.  One in center and 1 in one corner of cut triangle.  Directions clear as mud?  Moving on.  Keep up with me. 

5)  Start with one "triangle" and match up its hole to the center hole.  I held mine down with hot glue.  Put next hole down and continue until you've done each pinwheel triangle. 

6)  Attach to skewer. Mine pinwheel holders are bamboo sticks with a inch stick hot glued on the end.  I then spray painted the skewers.  I put the pinwheel through the inch stick and then hot glued a button on the free end to keep the pinwheel in. 

7)  Blow on the pinwheels.

8)  Put in a pretty jar for the guests to grab when they come to the party.

Anyone remembering that "Pinwheel, pinwheel spinning la la something something" song from a show in the 1980's maybe?  I think it was on Nickelodeon.  Any hoo....anyone else pinwheeling out there?


  1. I remember playing with pinwheels, airplanes, boats, and frogs that I made out of newspapers, cardstock, and calendars (it's thicker than any other paper). Making my own toys was lots of fun.
    I loved to play with marbles. My friends and I could play all day with it on the playground. There were tons of games that we could play outside, or we would create one...

    What was your favorite game outside?

  2. Thanks for stopping by! My siblings and I spent a majority of our childhood outside. We built forts, caught minnows, built boats out of leaves and sticks, and tried to catch all sorts of insects. Now I love watching my kids' imginations as they build houses for bugs out of rocks and mud. I love making up "adventures" for us to take through the yard. Enjoy!


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