Monday, February 6, 2012

Random Thoughts

Okay, you ready?  Let’s see if you can follow my brain.  Cause I’m just going to let my fingers do the walking across the keyboard without any real plan in mind.  Just because.  If you stick with me to the end….200 points.  If not, at least you tried!

1) Not this last weekend, but the weekend before we had a mommy/son and daddy/daughter day. That doesn’t happen very often.  Chewy helped her Daddy work on the media center we’re building.  She’s quite the little helper.  I took Scooter with me and we snowshoed up the local ski hill at the mountain.  Then we snowboarded down.  I had to carry a bunch of stuff up the mountain.  It was fun, but that kid sure can whine.  He’s done it with his Daddy once before so he should have known what to expect.  But I got to hear a lot of….”Can we go down yet?”  “When are we going to get there?”  “When do we get to eat our snack?”  “Can we turn around there?”  “I’m pretty sure that’s where Daddy and I stopped.”  I love that kid, but he sure tested my patience.  Scooter rested a lot, but he did great for a 7-year-old.  It’s about a 1700ft climb.  Then he went down a blue square run for his first time on a snowboard and he beat me.  Then we stopped at a gas station on the way home and shared a Twix bar and a hot chocolate.  Good times!  I hope he remembers it when he gets older.

1-27-12 Sandia Mommy and Son Day (2)

2) I try to swim about once a week.  Biker Boy lets me get off for an evening myself and I go swimming in town.  I love to swim, it’s the one thing that feels natural to me and I’m fairly good at.  The pool was quite crowded the day I went and most everyone was sharing a lane, except for me.  Why am I always the last one to have to share, I stay on one side?  Oh well.  Anyways, a young high school boy (16 or 17) asks me, “Ma’am, do you mind if I share the lane with you?”  I didn’t mind.  But I’m not so sure about the ma’am thing.  I think it’s wonderful that he’s such a polite young man, but at the same time….when did I become a ma’am?  Well this ma’am showed the young boy what swimming really is.  Okay, I did have to work to keep up and get ahead of the kid, but that’s good for me.  Usually I’m just on cruise control when I swim and I did have to work to keep up with him.  I hope I didn’t deflate his ego too much that a lady twice his age was keeping up with him. 

3) Oh, speaking of kids.  It’s apparently my track record lately to be with the young ones.  We went snowboarding this past weekend at Santa Fe.  Biker Boy convinced me to take an intermediate lesson since I seem stuck in rut on my snowboarding skills.  I can do S-turns, but get scared to do them sometimes and freak out when I’m going fast.  So I signed up for an intermediate lesson.  My instructor was a young kid (18 or 19) and I was in a class with a 10-year-old boy.  Yep.  Me and two young boys.  I felt like the mom.  Wait….I am a mom.  The 10-year-old reminded me of my son. He just wanted to do the terrain park and go in the woods.  The poor instructor.  He knew the kid wasn’t ready for it.  I guess I should feel good that I was able to keep up with them young boys.  I did learn a lot about my posture and was able to correct it quickly.  I was worried I wouldn’t get much out of a lesson, but I was able to impress Biker Boy and Scooter after my lesson.  They took me down a black diamond and I did turns down the whole thing!  That’s my first time going down a black diamond on a board.  And it was fun!  Scooter even told Biker Boy, “Mommy’s getting faster.”  But don’t expect me to be really fast….I just enjoy getting down the hill, I still don’t like to bomb down it.  Oh, Chewy was in ski school….she was pretty much being babysat while the rest of us could do hills that she’s not ready for yet.  She loves ski school, even though she doesn’t learn much.  She’s still too tiny to get on the chair lift by herself.

2-3-12 Santa Fe (6)

4)  Hobby Lobby.  It’s dangerous to go there alone without kids.  I went after swimming last week.  I knew it would be closing soon, so that was incentive to shop fast.  And I didn’t take a cart so I couldn’t buy much, but I still ended up with lots of stuff.  I found some awesome deals on pretty fabric!  I’m going to be shooting a newborn this week and I wanted some soft and pretty backdrops.  Did I ever score some good deals in their clearance bin!  And by shooting…I mean photographing.  I also got Ranger a new toy for 82 cents.  I’ll show you soon! 

5) My mommy is coming to visit soon.  I love when my mommy visits.  The kids do too.  I’m not telling them when she’s coming so it’ll be a surprise.  We did that the last time she visited and it’s so great to see their faces when she shows up.  The last time Grandma jumped out from behind the shed when Scooter got off the bus.  Too fun! 

6) I did my kids photos for our family Valentine’s card the other week.  So much fun.  I just wonder if I can get them printed off in time to mail them to the grandparents, aunts, and uncles.  And yes, I bribed my kids with Skittles.  Every time I get the camera out now they run and hide.  Apparently I take too many photos of them.  I’m wondering what to do for their routine photos this week.  Maybe prayer time?  Their eyes should be closed, so they won’t see the camera.

1-28-12 Bribing for Photos (3)

7) I have a busy week this week.  I really should go get ready.  I have to pick up Scooter from school in a hour to go to his asthma doctor appointment.  And yesterday Chewy hit her nose on a door and it bled for 20 minutes.  Poor kid.  There was blood everywhere.  What a mess.  I think the nasal spray she’s on for allergies didn’t help in any way to stop the bleeding.

8) I may attempt to take the kids skiing and boarding this weekend…..without Biker Boy.  I may be crazy to attempt this. 

9)  Curious George is on right now.  I really like Curious George. 

10)  Because I have to end on a even number.  I cut some bangs into my hair.  I haven’t had my hair cut in over a year and the split ends were driving me nuts.  I know…I should go get my hair cut.  I just haven’t.  And I should go get my eyes checked too.  I just haven’t.  And now I’m going to leave you shaking your head and wondering why you read this to the end.  Do you have laundry to do to?  And bathroom to clean?  And a floor to mop that you meant to mop on Friday?  *sigh*

What’s on your schedule this week?

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