Sunday, February 12, 2012

Routine: Chores

Okay, I thought I might miss routine photos for this past week because of all my computer problems.  But this is it. I got the camera out today while the kids were doing their chores.  I snapped some photos, downloaded them and downsized them, and here you go.  Nothing fancy, just photos.  Routine stuff.

The kids have chores to do and then they get a chore stamp.  We use to do stickers, but now we use a chalkboard.  For every 15 stamps they get a reward.  Scooter usually chooses to play a video game and Chewy usually chooses to watch Curious George or Tweety Bird. 

The kids did chores today. Apparently 3 chores in one day is a lot.  Scooter told Biker Boy that I made them work all day!  Funny....cause it was probably less than 15 minutes of chores altogether.  The rest of the time they were playing together.  And pretty well.  Until they got dessert taken away tonight. 

First up was unloading the dishwasher.

They put the glass stuff up on the counter for me to put in the cupboards.  Speaking of counters....whew...I cleaned them after taking photos.  Apparently taking these routine photos helps me to clean. 

They love doing the silverware. 

Next up was compost and feeding the birds.  That counted as one stamp because I had to help with the compost and with the birds.  And now there's bird seed all over the garage floor that I have to clean up because Scooter spilled it.  Sometimes the kids' chores makes more chores for mom.  But, you gotta love the face that goes with composting.  Observe.

Later in the day it was laundry time.  The kids get a stamp for gathering their laundry and putting it in the washing machine.  They also get another stamp for putting the folded laundry away.  After I get it folded. 

The kids like to make their chores fun.  You know, like, putting underwear on your head.  It happens nearly every time.  Just like sword fighting with wooden spoons when those are in the dishwasher.  And one child was wearing a Transformer mask while gathering the laundry. Hint....the same one with the underwear on her head.  It must have been a mask day.

Now how can I make chores fun?  Oh, watch the kids do them.  That's fun.  And yes, Bunny Bear got washed.  You should have seen that face...I didn't have the camera in quite the right place to capture Chewy's face as she put him in the washer and said good-bye.  Priceless. 

So how do you make chores fun? 

And don't even ask what the kids do when its doggie pooper scooper chore time!  Now how can I make cleaning the bathroom fun?  Because I really should go finish cleaning it.

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