Sunday, February 26, 2012

Routine: Going to the Bus Again

I know, I know.  I did it again. Oops.  It's a routine photo of going to the bus.  I already did that here.

But the sun was up more, thus allowing for better light and a better exposure for photos.  That is until daylight savings hits in a couple of weeks.  Then it's going to be dark going to the bus again.  Don't forget to put your clocks ahead on March 11.  Write it down.  Set your alarm.  Kiss that hour good-bye.   

Plus I had to take a photo of my kiddo in his $2 hat from Target.  He's so cute  handsome in it.  Too bad he rips it off at the first sound of the bus coming around the corner.  Seriously....where did he learn to do that?  Is my kid embarassed to wear a hat?  He also has to hug me before the bus comes into full view. *sniff*

At least he still hugs me.  Seriously...where do kids learn to be self concious about that stuff?

Anyways...let's get on to the photo of Mr. Blue Eyes on this freezing cold morning where we could see our breath.  That added a really cool effect into the photo.  Do you see it?

Love you my Scooter!  Even if you won't hug me in front of the big kids on the bus.  You just wait till I plaster a big surprise kiss on the top of your head in front of them!  And what if I got all of them matching hats to wear?  Would you wear your hat then?

Anyone else have a self-conscious story?  I use to hate to wear a bike helmet as a I won't go without it.

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