Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Routine: Jammie Day

Another round of routine photos.

President's Day meant no school.  We also didn't have plans to go anywhere or do anything.  So we had a jammie day at home.  It's a routine because we have jammie days quite a bit.  I have one nearly everyday.  Even if I go somewhere I come home and put on my comfy clothes.

The kids were crazy.  I mean......craaaaazy.

So I put them in an empty room to run around.  I probably should have padded it.  An empty, padded room....that's just what kids need when you're in the house because it's so windy outside that you would get sandblasted. 

The dog came in and at first was enjoying all the action. At least he got in on the action for 1 minute.

Then he was wondering what he was doing in the crazy room with the crazy kids.  The look on his face says it all.

After the kids ran a million circles and beat on each other with a stuffed rabid bear, they settled down to look at photo books.

They love to look at pictures of themselves and each other. did you spend your President's Day?  Any craziness your way? 

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