Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Routine: Reading to the Dogs

Here are my weekly routine photos.  This week I took photos of our weekly library trip.  We play outside at the park next to the library (if the weather is good), then we get books, and the kids read to the dogs.  They get a sticker (with the dog’s picture) for every dog they read to and I typically only let them read to one dog a week. One time they did read to two because there weren’t any other kids waiting.  When the kids fill up a bookmark with 10 stickers they get a prize.  My kiddos have filled up over 2 bookmarks.  That means they have read to the dogs over 20 times.  Wow!

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Both kids happened to read to the same dog this week.  A cute little terrier. 

2-1-11 Reading to the Dogs (2)tu2-1-11 Reading to the Dogs (10)

Sometimes there are two dogs and sometimes there are three dogs.  Sometimes there are only a few kids waiting to read to the dogs and other times there are a lot.  But usually it’s just the same kids every week.  It’s fun!  My kids have progressed from talking about the pictures together with me, to actually reading their own books all by themselves without me.  My babies are getting so big.  Okay, Chewy still sometimes talks about the pictures since she’s a preschooler.  I do think reading to the dogs has helped both of my kids open up and I’m sure it helps their reading skills.

2-1-11 Reading to the Dogs (12)tu2-1-11 Reading to the Dogs (18)tu

We usually come home with 15-20 books.  I’m not kidding.  And most of the time we read them all.  Sometimes I have to read certain ones over and over. 

2-1-11 Reading to the Dogs (4)2-1-11 Reading to the Dogs (9)

When the kids get to their limit, they’ll just sit in the aisles or on a chair and look at books.  Or play with the train table. 

2-1-11 Reading to the Dogs (3)2-1-11 Reading to the Dogs (17)tu

I love that we live near a library with great programs and lots of books.  It’s wonderful for a small town.  And I love that my kids love books. 

2-1-11 Reading to the Dogs (7)2-1-11 Reading to the Dogs (21)

How about you?  Library lover?  Read to the dogs lover? 

And the photos…let’s just say…not my best.  I didn’t really practice, I just shot photos without trying to be annoying.  The quiet setting on my camera, I’ll just say, it’s not really quiet.  I don’t get it.  To be honest, I’m not really happy with the quality of these photos.  Maybe I’m hard on myself, but I just don’t like the quality.  I finally gave up on trying to touch them up, so most of them are straight out of the camera.  But…I love the memory.  And I love that I captured something we do weekly.  I hope my kids remember our library outings when they get older.  I really do.  Cause I will always remember them. 

What’s your routine?

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