Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Where The Sun Don’t Shine

I’m talking about my driveway.  What did you think I was going to talk about?  Silly people. 

Well, maybe silly me.  Cause I’m going to blog about a driveway.  Yep, a driveway.  A north facing driveway that never sees the sun.  Ever.  During the winter.

1-19-12 Icy Driveway (2)

Actually it’s an ice skating rink.  I could probably charge admission. 

It’s scary.  There was about 3 inches of ice on our driveway.  I wanted to put up a warning sign.  It was dangerous to have guests cross it.  The guy who came to pick up our old entertainment unit about took himself out crossing our driveway.  Actually, maybe we need a disclaimer sign with “Cross At Your Own Risk.” 

1-19-12 Icy Driveway (3)

The kids love the icy driveway.  They pretend they’re ice skaters, though they’ve never actually been ice skating.  I can’t watch them.  They scare me.  And yes, more than once they’ve tumbled on the ice.  No injuries, thankfully.  At least they don’t take after their mom in that respect.  I’m still recovering from an injury sustained over a decade ago on ice.  Okay, not recovering….I’m still dealing with it. 

1-19-12 Icy Driveway (1)

So Biker Boy did some research.  We could rip out the driveway and install heating wires in some new concrete.  Good idea, but not ready for that expense yet.  Someday….maybe.  For now we got a heating pad.  Yep, a driveway heating pad.  We only got one.  You could get more and hook them together, but one is enough of an expense.  Not to mention it uses 250 watts, so I’m scared to look at our electric bill.  If only I could harness the power of the sun on that side of the house!

Oh, we did use salt once.  That just messed up the driveway big time.  And it didn’t really help melt it much.

We got a Heattrak snow melting mat.  I think we ordered it off of Amazon cause I had a few gift cards built up there from Swagbucks.  You have to remember to get the additional power supply or you won’t be melting a thing. 

1-20-12 Driveway Heating Pad (1)

And yes it works.  We soon had a puddle of water lying in the driveway instead of ice.  We had to find a way to evacuate the water or else it would refreeze.  Plus, the puddle was a magnet for children.  You think they liked the ice?  They really loved the puddle of water. 

1-20-12 Driveway Heating Pad (2)

So that’s my addition of “Where The Sun Don’t Shine.”  A driveway.  Really?  I think I need to go drink a cup of coffee. 

Now tell me….heating pads?  What do you use them for? Or how do you melt a driveway?

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