Thursday, March 22, 2012

Building A Media Center: All Done

All Done!
At least for now. 

If you missed any of the exciting and riveting suspense with building our long awaited media center, you can catch up on the story here:

The Planning
Installing the Pantry
Installing the Base Cabinets
Installing the Drawers
Installing the Countertop

And now for your viewing's the media cabinet loaded with its stuff.

And here's the desk portion.  If it looks cluttered to you, well....this is not cluttered.  It's a big improvement for me.  I actually have desk space and I try hard to keep papers off of it.  I'm not always successful, but the papers are smaller now.  Only post-it notes with reminders and lists.

I'm trying to put more stuff up on our bulletin boards.  There's suppose to be one for each of us, but right now I just put random reminders and things up on them.  Big pat on the back for me since I used the drill and put these babies in the wall myself.  Yep, Biker Boy's eyes got real wide when I told him I used the drill and wall anchors.  It's all good though.  And yes, those are bicycle chain rings.  The come in handy.  I stuck them in with push pins.  Then I put magnets on them.  It's just easier to stick something up with a magnet than it is to use push pins sometimes.  Plus they just look neat and I reused something that was laying around.  Bonus.  Kinda like finding you still have a piece of chocolate in the cabinet when you thought you were out.  Bonus.  And a bonus for you if you noticed that blue lantern up above on the shelf in my previous post.

Here's another view of the gargantuan TV and the components.  Our Xbox came back from warranty work.  It works, but it was totally wiped clean.  Oh well, we're not huge gamers so it's not a big deal to reset up our Kinect profiles and stuff.  The record player fits lovely in the nice accidental spot.  If you don't know what I mean by accidental, you haven't read all the posts.  It was accidental, there...I told you the short version of the story.

And oh my, do I have so much storage now.  I haven't even gotten around to putting it to use yet.  But I will.  Here's a view of me just stashing stuff in the meantime.  Okay, not a view of me, but a view of what I did.  I love hiding things.  Except I suppose I'm not hiding it if you all can see it now.  Give it a few days, I'll have it changed up.

I cannot believe we fit all our VHS tapes and DVDs in the top portion of the pantry.  Yes, you read VHS tapes.  Though I don't believe Biker Boy even hooked up the VHS player.  Hmmm....nope he didn't.  And no, that's not where all the tapes and DVDs are permanently going to reside.  It's a pain to find the one we want.
Anyone else planning a media center?  Use kitchen cabinets for something other than a kitchen?  Have your family command center in the center of the house? 

Magnets or Pushpins?  Start the debate and have yourself a great end of the week!

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