Friday, March 2, 2012

Making Memories

We had Chewy's Princess Party for her 5th birthday today and it was fabulous.  Of course we had too many things to do and way too much food, but that's okay!  I don't throw parties very often so I did a little more than I probably had to.  But a lot less than others.  We had a lovely time and our guests left with smiles on their faces.  And Chewy fell asleep 10 minutes after everyone left.  I'll share photos of what went into the party sometime in the future. 

For now I'll just share a little photo of my precious girl who turns 5 soon.  She's such a girly girl.  She played dress-up in my wedding dress recently and loved every minute of it.  Of course I had to take photos.  That dress has just been hanging in the closet for nearly 14 years and I saw no harm in letting her dress-up in it.  I loved that dress and it's probably happy to get some use after being shut away for so long.  I don't ever expect that Chewy will wear it if she ever decides to get married, but for now I'm still going to hang on to that dress.  Maybe I'll play dress up in it next?!  I'll sit around in it watching a chick flick and eating popcorn.  Anyone remember that "Friends" episode?

Weekend plans?  I hope you have a good weekend and that those of you in the bad weather areas are able to avoid the worst of it! 

PS.  Remember my glowing review of the Xbox 360 with Kinect?  Well, it seems our Xbox console has to be sent back for warranty work.  The disc tray won't open or close after the kids had a rousing game of Kinect Adventures with their Daddy.  Bummer, it'll be gone a month.  But I guess we haven't had Candy Land out in a bit, time for some board games on family game night.  Maybe we can make a way to jump around with the board games or we might have to invest in Twister?

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