Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Princess Party Details

Alright, I said I would show some Princess Party details from my daughter's intimate 5th birthday celebration and now I am delivering in a pretty pink package with a shiny purple bow.

It was a Mommy and Daughter Princess Tea Party.  All the little girls came dressed in their finest princess or costume attire.  They were adorable!  Just believe me, cause I don't post pictures of other people's kids, but they were so adorable they could have turned the frown on a grumpy person upside down. 

Chewy and I started planning the party over a month ahead and then kinda stalled as the party got closer.  We managed to pull way too much together.  Chewy was involved in all the decisions and even in decorating a lot of stuff.  It was a party for her after all.  I loved getting to spend that time with her and watching her decision making. 

I set-up some stuff the night before the party, but we spent most of the morning of the party setting up the rest of the stuff in our house for the lunch time party.

The little girls sat at a small portable picnic table that we use for camping.  Apparently the last time we used the table it was in some mud or dirt, I had to clean up quite a bit of it when I set the table up.

I made a table cloth out of a remnant of sparkly felt that cost me 75 cents.  I held it together with ribbon that Chewy picked out and was on clearance for 80 cents.  Gotta love deals under a dollar!  Instead of ceramic tea cups for the little girls I found stainless steel mugs with caps at Hobby Lobby for $2 each (in the photo above).  Each cup had the first initial of each girl on it.  Bonus!

Chewy and I made little girls with my Cricut that we put names on and used as place settings.  There was a little box of jelly beans for every Princess and everyone (moms included) got magic wands with a star shaped Rice Krispy treat.  That was Chewy's idea, she found it in a children's cookbook.  We melted white chocolate chips and squiggled that on top of the rice krispy treat and then put sprinkles on top of that.  Yummy!  Have you done anything fancy with rice krispy treats?

Oh, you didn't miss that fabric pennant I made, did you?  That got hung up in the big picture window (look 2 photos up).  And the baby goldfish?  A party is just not a party without the goldfish.  The little princess cupcake liners were for each girl to catch some goldfish in and eat them. 

I spray painted some old bottles I had laying around in colors Chewy picked out.  Pink, blue, and white.  Then we put in some flowers that Chewy picked out.  Bright blue flowers.  Each mom got sent home with one of the shorter bottles of flowers.  (Except the first mom to leave, I totally forgot to give it to her...sorry!) 

The pinwheels we made were set out and I forgot to get those down too.  We were having too much fun chatting and eating.  Each little girl also got a pink bag decorated by Chewy with some fun party tokens and then they had a place to put their crafts and other goodies. 

Speaking of crafts, goodies, and fun.  We had some craft stations and play stations set-up.  But of course the girls had the most fun jumping on Chewy's bed and playing in her room! 

There was a crown-making station and each little girl decorated a crown.

There was the sticker doll station.  Chewy loves those sticker dolls.  (They're by Melissa & Doug).

We found a huge princess puzzle on clearance at Target and set that out for coloring with Chewy's glitter crayons.  She's still coloring the puzzle to this day.  I've even colored a piece. 

There was a dress-up station.  In true princess fashion the princess shoes were displayed on a shelf.   We were getting all "celebrity" there!  In reality, Chewy has more play shoes that I have actual dress shoes. 

I had a photo station set-up with wrapping paper taped to the wall.  But in reality, I barely got my camera out at the party because I was enjoying myself with my other mommy friends.  It was truly memorable to listen to all those little laughs and tiny voices as the little princesses sat together at their picnic table.  I couldn't believe how long they all sat at that table together so nicely! 

Maybe it was because of the abundance of food?  Yep, it's not a party at my house or in my family unless there is food.  Chewy picked out the majority of the food (at Costco, of course).  Here's the sandwich, veggies, and fruit set-up:

I also had a tea, coffee, and hot cocoa bar set-up.

It was not complete with out a couple of flavors of marshmallows.  It's not in a photo, but I also set out homemade whipped cream.  Yum.

Chewy and I made labels for little water bottles.  Yes, you need Royal Water at a Princess Party.  It's a must.  I'm not sure what makes it royal though.

We also had a selection of teas and the mint hot chocolate was a hit.  Okay, maybe I went overboard for 4 moms and 4 little girls, but it was fun!

We also sent home each mom and daughter with a container of star shaped cream cheese sugar cookies.  They got a baggie of frosting and 2 containers of sprinkles so they could decorate the cookies at home and share them with the rest of their family members.

And I can't forget the cake.  We made mini cupcakes.  Except I used those foil liners and they pulled away from the cakes.  Then I made the frosting a day ahead and put it in the refrigerator.  Of course I didn't leave it out long enough to soften before I frosted, so the frosting busted through my frosting bag and started squirting out like a worm.  So I went with it.  Instead of big ol' stars on top of the cupcakes I got a bunch of squiggles.  I put sprinkles on top them.  Yep, nothing like an unexpected problem and just going with the flow.  The flow of frosting that is. 

The 2 hour party blew by fast and I think we had more than enough food and stuff to do for a whole day!  It was a pleasure to treat the moms and their daughters to some special girl time.  We are truly blessed to have such lovely women in our lives!

Have you thrown any parties lately?  Details?

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